Furi Rachael Ray Tech Edge 2 Pro Knife Sharpener - FUR633


This product is no longer available
FUR633: Rachael Ray Tech Edge 2 Pro Knife Sharpening System
Furi Rachael Ray Tech Edge 2 Pro Knife Sharpening System. Includes three sets of sharpening fingers. Stage 1: Full Regrind (100 grit). Regrind worn knives to exact 15° bevels on each side. Swipe through until edge is sharp. The number of swipes depends on condition/thickness, roundness of edge. This tool replaces a traditional stone or grinding wheel. Stage 2: Diamond Fingers (500 grit). Diamond coated fingers apply a second smaller 20° bevel, this strengthens the extremely fine cutting edge. This coarse honed edge is ideal for cook's knives and most kitchen knives. This tool replaces a regular diamond Steel. Stage 3: Tech Hone Fingers (40° tech hone). Hardened striated stainless steel fingers apply a very fine and extremely sharp final hone to the cutting edge. This is ideal for fine slicing knives and most small knives. This tool replaces a traditional hard chrome Steel. Also includes a 6 7/8" overall black and orange composition folding handle that the sharpening components can be easily slotted into and out of and folds flat for easy storage. The incorporated blade guard works to protect the hand from injury. Sharpening system also contains operating instructions, dvd demo and black plastic storage pouch.
  • Famous among the world's elite chefs
  • Developed after years of engineering research
  • Faster, simpler, and more accurate than traditional tools or gadgets
  • Perfect for all brands of chef, hunting and outdoor knives
  • Use the Furi Ozitech for travel, outdoors or as a gift
  • Weight: 1.45lbs
  • Country of Origin: China

UPC Code: 9323414006330


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