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GB8239 Gerber's Legend Multi-Plier Is the newest and one of the finest multi-tools we have seen. All tools are locking with a slide release on the handle. The scissors and knife blade are one hand opening from the outside of the tool. This mult-tool opens like the Leatherman products instead of popping out like the other Gerber models. New Multi-Plier 800
Gerber's newest multi-function tool, the Legend™, is an entirely different kind of Multi-Plier®. Designed for the user who needs extreme wire cutting ability, quick access to the components, spring loaded plier handles, and a secure comfortable grip, the new Multi-Plier 800 Legend™ is the best of its kind.
Continuing the tradition of innovation, the new Gerber Legend™ is the first multi-function tool with replaceable tungsten/cobalt carbide wire cutter inserts. Much harder than any stainless steel, the Legend ® wire cutter will cut through #2 hard carbon steel fishhooks, 1/16" piano wire, and 278lb stainless steel offshore fishing leader. In the event of damage, the triangular cutter can be rotated to a new edge with a Torx® head wrench.
When quick access to the components is a necessity, the Legend™ has no equal. All components can be reached with out opening the tool. The large knife blade and patented scissors can even be opened with one hand. The spring-loaded scissors cut all braided fishing lines, hemmed denim, Cordura®, and leather.
The Multi-Plier® 800 Legend™ also has Gerber's Patent pending saw coupler, allowing the use of any standard 2" jig saw blade. When a blade goes dull, or if a different style is desired, simply remove the old one and insert the desired blade. No tools are required to make changes.
All of the Legend's™ eight components lock open once rotated into place. To unlock, simply slide the release button back, and close the tool. All tools have independent rotation, so only one component comes out at a time. This is safer and more convenient than having to sort through the entire tool set. The Multi-Plier 800 Legend™ has a knife blade, scissors, interchangeable saw blade, Phillips® screwdriver, small, medium, and large screwdriver, bottle opener, and a file.
Legend™ is the most comfortable multi-function tool to use. The unique handle design has broad, smooth surfaces for the hand to grip when using the pliers. When unfolded for use, the spring loaded pliers open to fit your hand. The Multi-Plier® 800 Legend™ also has 3M rubber inserts along the sides. These provide a cushioned, more secure grip on the tool. These inserts are an industry first. Comes with black nylon belt sheath. Closed size 4.20 inches Open size 6.5 inches

1.Needlenose Pliers
2.Wire Cutters with replacable blade
5.Full size combo edge blade
6.Serrated Drop Point Blade
7.Fiskars® Scissors
8.Small Screwdriver
9.Medium Screwdriver/Bottle Opener
10.Hack Saw (replacable)
11.Crosshead Screwdriver

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Gerber Deluxe Legend Multi-Tool with Fiskars Scissors and Hack Sawrated 3.750 stars out of 5 (4 reviews)
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Gerber Deluxe Legend Multi-Tool with Fiskars Scissors and Hack Saw
rated 1 stars out of 5
Tom Nu
Grand Junction, Co
Sep 21, 2016
Pros: Included Tools, None
Cons: Sheath/Scabbard, Materials, Locking, Overall Quality
Over Engineered Paper Weight
Every time I open it. Springs pop out under the fold back guides and have to be reset with a small smooth tool. I'd hate to have my life depend on this tool. My Ancient Gerber and 2 purpose built competitors have never given this much grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerber Deluxe Legend Multi-Tool with Fiskars Scissors and Hack Saw
rated 4 stars out of 5
Dick K
North Florida
Nov 04, 2015
Pros: Overall Quality, Included Tools, Locking, Blade Material
Cons: None
Daily use Legend
I have been using a Legend daily on my farm and my plant nursery. I'm on the fifth or sixth one. On every one I have broken the carbide cutter inserts almost immediately. The rubber handle inserts come off within just a few weeks but who cares? The handles are big enough so they are comfortable to exert all the pressure possible when using the pliers. I've never had a problem with the Phillips bit and I use it daily. It grips screws really well. I have torn up the littlest screwdriver/awl and I have broken the flat screwdriver blades by prying things with them but they are pretty strong. The spring on the scissors on the current one is a problem. It completely doesn't work. It will be going back to Gerber shortly and this brings me to the final point. Every tool I have returned to Gerber battered and beaten has been promptly replaced with a new one.
Gerber Deluxe Legend Multi-Tool with Fiskars Scissors and Hack Saw
rated 5 stars out of 5
northern Michigan
Oct 12, 2015
Pros: Finish, Included Tools, Overall Quality, Locking, Materials
Cons: None
How you use the productThings that are great about itINTERESTING questions...How you use the product ... ON EVERYTHING things that are great about it... It WORKS as advertised. I bought mine several years ago right after they came out. It is on my belt and is with me everyday when I am at home and out in the woods. it has saved me walking miles or getting off of the roof more times that I care to think about. the blade comes sharp, but everything can use a little more help. I spent about 5 minutes with the sticks and now is is shaving sharp all the time. I used to carry the "L-word" brand but their materials just wouldn't hold up to the use I give them. Anyone who thinks stainless steel is a great material for cutters and all applications obviously does not spend much time in the real world. I replaced those with a Schrade multi and it worked great until one half of the pliers broke off while trying to use it as a pliers. Imagine that.I saw the Gerber set and figured I would give them a try. Years later the Gerber is still on my belt. I managed to wear out the first holster so I repurposed another nylon one and it keeps on the belt... all the time. I have yet to have to replace the wire cutter inserts even though I do a lot of electrical work and when it is too inconvenient to go back for the proper tools I drag the Gerber off the belt and work it and it has yet to not do what I have asked of it. It has gone almost to the Arctic Circle on hunts and been buried in more mud and gunk from wiring up a winch to pull out a buried ATV that tried to negotiate more than it could handle. After years of in and out of the pouch and handling and being wetted down with various chemicals and cleaners some of the little rubber inserts have come off... and it means nothing to the operation of the unit.I know there are cheaper ones out there but in this case you really get what you pay for. Best bang for the buck.
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