Hall Sharpening Stones 30326 Soft/Dunston Black Arkansas 8" Vulcan Stone in Wooden Box

Part #: HS30326 | Hall Sharpening Stones


This product is no longer available
HS30326: 8" Vulcan Stone in Wooden Box
Hall Sharpening Stones
The Halls Vulcan Stone is comprised of alternating slabs of Soft and Dunston Black Arkansas stones which allows you to hone and polish the knife edge at the same time. This novel idea is an efficient and effective way to get a quality edge in no time. The 8" stone is 0.75" thick x 3" wide and come in a custom wooden box for storage with a non-slip Silicone base to keep them from moving during use. The Vulcan Stone is perfect for exotic layered steel blades like Damascus.
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.


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