Hubertus Hunting Cutlass 10.25" Satin Blade, Stag Handles with Gold Plating - 21146HH25


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HU21146HH25: Hubertus Hunting Cutlass, Gold Plating


The hunting cutlass features a gold plated ornate cross guard with the head of a dog and fox. The gold plated handle fittings are decorated with oak leaves, and the handle itself is genuine stag horn. The cutlass is 15" from end to end, with a 10.25" blade. The stainless steel blade is drop forged and given a partial mirror polish for an authentic look. The green leather sheath provides a secure belt loop hanger. These are produced in Germany in the "old school" way of manufacture. These are the real deal!


  • Leather Sheath (green)
  • Stag Handles


  • Blade Length: 10.25" 
  • Overall Length: 15"
  • Blade Steel: Solingen Stainless
  • Handle Material: Genuine Stag Horn with Gold Plating
  • Weight: 1 lb. 7.2 oz. Knife Only, 1 lb. 10.8 oz. with Sheath
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

UPC Code: 420072

Stag Handles
Stag Handles Naturally dropped deer antlers are used to create a natural rugged look and feel. Antler from the Axis and Sambar deer in India are renowned for their density and are therefore most commonly used for knife scales.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany One of the older steel Capitals of the World: Solingen, Germany produces some of the best Kitchen knives and straight razors money can buy.
Leather Sheath
Leather Sheath Leather is known for its durability and traditional appeal. When compared to Kydex it is preferred for its silence when bumped against other objects, as well as blade retention.
Hubertus Hunting Cutlass 10.25" Satin Blade, Stag Handles with Gold Platingrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Hubertus Hunting Cutlass 10.25" Satin Blade, Stag Handles with Gold Plating
rated 5 stars out of 5
New England
Nov 28, 2018
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Sheath/Scabbard, Handle Material, Blade Material, Materials, Weight, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
An absolutely stunning piece that hasn't changed much in a hundred yea
I have a number of these traditional pieces, usually I have to order them through a small knife shop in Austria, where I pay more and wait a long time. They are handmade in a farmhouse factory, by old school artisans the same way such knives and forestry daggers/ hirshfangers have been made for 150 years. Unlike etched presentation hunting daggers, which Hubertus also continues to make, these Hubertus cutlasses are sharpened knives useable in the field. Good quality steel. As a knife, I feel it is an excellent knife. This knife is very impressive in person. Its not a "traditional style"... it's a traditional knife! This is the real deal. And really makes a collection of Solingen blades stand out. I go to KnifeCenter specifically looking for these Hubertus pieces, as it's about the only place in America that seems to carry them. And not always in stock. As a serious collector I'm absolutely thrilled to find that Knife Center often actually has one or two of these in stock ready to ship. Amazing! It was a real pleasure today to find two that were actually on sale... that, I never thought I'd see! Hubertus is about the only maker still doing these. And they're holding the line on price. If this was a Puma it would probably be $2,500! I'm cautious to leave this review and promote them because I like stockpiling these things every chance I get and putting them away. I have six or seven now. I'm buying two today. But that's not what the hobby is about... It's about sharing! Besides a wonderful knife this is just an amazing gift to get pretty much any guy to put in his man cave you can't really beat it for the wow factor of the item for the price it is truly something of quality and tradition.If you want something very traditional German hunting lodge style then get the gilt gold... but I would recommend the silver if both happen to be in stock. It's understated and classy. This thing is just cool I could go on and on. They are serious weapons that harken back to a time when Firearms were not always available or reliable. I'll just leave it at that... suffice it to say that the size and heft of these wonderful substantial knives is for a reason . Hubertus was a saint about 1,000 years ago and allegedly God spoke to him and told him to hunt responsibly. These teachings are part of German hunting ethics today. It takes over 300 hours of study to get a hunting license in Germany. A lot of that tradition is embodied in this knife. It's not just fancy to be pretty it's fancy as a sign of respect for its purpose as a hunting tool. I have got mine displayed on a wall with old German knives from a variety makers... some of which cost thousands of dollars with etched blades and so forth and these things hold their own. Some may say yeah but they aren't antiques. Just give it a hundred years... They will be! There won't be much difference at that point because they've never really changed they aren't a " reproduction" they are a continuation. And in any case when people see my collection this is one of the first blades they are drawn to. These are technically a "production" knife but I'm sure Knifecenter would agree with me that it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say they have more in common with a custom knife. Thus, there is a real value story here. Thank you Knifecenter for carrying these wonderful hunting cutlasses.


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