Kimber America PepperBlaster II Pistol Grip Pepper Self-Defense Solution, Red - LA98001


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KIMLA98001: PepperBlaster II, Red
Kimber America
The PepperBlaster II has the same revolutionary non-aerosol pyrotechnic delivery system as the original PepperBlaster, plus an ergonomic grip and sights for increased accuracy. A superior ingredient formulation combines a powerful solution of 10% OC (2.4% capsaicinoid content) with benzyl alcohol for viscosity. Delivery speed of 112 mph keeps blasts on target up to 13 feet away while reducing the risk of blowback or drift. At just 4.2 ounces, PepperBlaster II is state-of-the-art protection.

Check out the user manual for everything you need to know about the PepperBlaster II.


PepperBlaster II's super hot, super effective one-two punch stops threats at a distance like nothing else can, disabling an attacker for up to 45 minutes. Kimber teamed up with Swiss engineers to create this amazing personal safety device that is three times as effective as the most popular pepper spray, because it's not a spray.

The Kimber PepperBlaster II's ergonomic grip provides a perfect grip for almost any size hand. This game-changing design is disposable and economical. The pepper solution itself is the most powerfully concentrated version on the market. Because it's not pressurized like an aerosol spray, there's no way it can lose pressure over time.


The PepperBlaster II eliminates the well-known shortcomings of old-school aerosol pepper sprays. It has a four-year shelf life; longer than any aerosol product. Two highly concentrated pepper solution charges give you a second shot but a single hit to the face will disable an attacker for 45 minutes or more.
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.
Kimber America PepperBlaster II Pistol Grip Pepper Self-Defense Solution, Redrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Kimber America PepperBlaster II Pistol Grip Pepper Self-Defense Solution, Red
rated 5 stars out of 5
Apr 01, 2017
simply the best
This one is the best ! & I own a lot of pepper ..shoots a shotgun blast of pepper 13ft at OVER 100 mph uses a pyrotechnic charge that pushes a piston & shoots the pepper out at high speed & volume aerosols to leak out ..simple as pointing a gun ..aim & pull trigger ..only 2 shots but comes out like a shotgun blast ..I also carry a mace pepper guard flip top in my pocket as back up though it's really not necessary.... It came in handy one night at 3am I was leaving house & saw some weirdo on a bike next to my house ..put my maglight on him,& drew my kimber pepper blaster pointed it at him ..he gave a lame excuse for being in my yard close to my house I called cops ..he took off ..I carry a gun & are lic but I saw no weapon so didn't feel justified drawing my gun on him ,but drew my pepper blaster ..I've come to think of my gun as BACK-UP to my pepper ...


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