Ken Onion Knifeworks SKY 9" Bread Knife - SKYE-BRED-0900

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KOSKYEBRED0900: SKY by Ken Onion 9" Bread Knife
Ken Onion Knifeworks
SKY Series by Ken Onion
The SKY series of Ken Onion designed knives continues to honor the elements found in nature. The SKY knives are constructed of one of the most advanced, durable and rust-resistant steels enriched with Nitrogen, the most abundant element in air. This unique CTS BD1N steel made in Reading Pennsylvania by the Carpenter Steel Company has a chromium molecule treated by liquid nitrogen. This proprietary process creates Stainless Steel that is significantly stronger, more rust-resistant and harder than most blade steels. This results in a blade with an edge life that is sharper and longer-lasting than other stainless steels.

A special organic texture has been applied to the dishwasher safe G10 handle using an air powered bead blaster. This process creates a superior, extremely comfortable and very non slip surface. The SKY pattern on the blade emulates stratus cumulus clouds and continues Ken Onion's tradition of creating stunning and stick-resistant surfaces.

SKY 9" Bread Knife
The Ken Onion Sky Series "Slicing Knives" category is comprised of pieces that were designed with inspiration from the graceful Japanese drawback cutting motion. The 9” Bread knife has notches on the top, for increased stability of the index finger, allowing for more control when cutting large items. The reverse scallop edge makes cutting crusty bread and cake very easy, allowing you to glide through without creating excessive crumbs. The bread knife works well to slice large fruit such as pineapple or watermelon, but can also be used to slice meat. 

The bead blasted G10 handle, impervious to both heat and moisture, is designed with an indentation for your fingers to fit impeccably, creating the perfect safe grip. It combines a signature drop handle and control bump that lets you use the knife smoothly and efficiently no matter how tall you are or which hand you cut with, while reducing forearm stress and offering increased stability. 

Constructed of high-performance stainless steel, the surface of the blade has been treated by a proprietary process creating the “sky” pattern. This process reduces both surface tension and sticking. These air pockets significantly reduce the amount of surface area in contact with food being cut, resulting in a blade that slices effortlessly with an almost non-stick surface.

Use & Care: 
Hand wash the 9" Bread knife with soapy water and dry, storing in a knife block or in-drawer knife tray for safety.

To maintain your 9" Bread knife edge, run it lightly along the steel starting at the base of the blade and finishing at the tip. Remember that you want to apply very light and even pressure, maintaining the same angle (15-degrees) as you drop and pull the blade across the steel.

Please note: Due to the special etched pattern on the blade, letting the blade air dry in hard water could cause staining. We recommend that you dry the blade after each use. If staining does occur, we recommend wetting the blade with water then sprinkling Bon Amie cleanser on the blade then scrubbing with a wine cork. This will remove the stain.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SKYE-BRED-0900
  • BD1N Steel
  • Highly rust resistant
  • Reverse scallop edge
  • Notches create stability
  • G10 handle
  • Drop handle & control bump
  • Proudly made 100% in the USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
G10 Handles
G10 Handles
Formed in a sheet under high pressure by combining fiberglass and an epoxy resin binder. These handles are lightweight and shaped to ensure a solid grip.


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