Monkey Fist Begleri KnifeCenter Exclusive Orange Aluminum Monkey Barrels Begleri

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MFBMBKCE: KnifeCenter Exclusive Monkey Barrels Begleri, Orange

Monkey Fist Begleri

A Begleri is a skill toy originating from Greece that consists of two weighted objects on a short string that can be flipped, twirled, and spun around the fingers. It's great for building dexterity, control, and finger strength, while also serving as therapy for those with ADD and ADHD. You can use them to pass the time, to keep your hands busy, or to perform tricks if your skill level is high enough.

The Monkey Barrels are the next evolution from Monkey Fist Begleri. They allow the user the ability to change out cords at their convenience so they can have a new look or feel anytime they want. Each Monkey Barrel is about 13.75 grams apiece (27.5 grams a set) and made from 7075 aluminum. Each set consists of two Monkey Barrels and five strands of 95 Paracord. 

To find the ideal cord length for you, just measure from your index finger to your pinky finger along the top of your palm. Take that measurement and add 2 inches. It's better to have a longer set than a set that is too short. If a set is ever too long a small knot or two in between the ends can shorten a set to your preferred length.

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