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MonkeyfingeR Design KOKOnutz Aluminum Begleri, Amber Nebula - KnifeCenter Exclusive

Part #: MFDKOKONUTZAN | MonkeyfingeR Design


This product is no longer available
MFDKOKONUTZAN: KnifeCenter Exclusive KOKOnutz Begleri, Amber Nebula
MonkeyfingeR Design
Introducing the MonkeyfingeR Design KOKOnutz Begleri. At first glance, it looks like this is just another shape of Begleri. You would be wrong. The initial design goal was to put as much mass low on the bead. This gives the bead a lower center a gravity, thus making it feel heavier on the cords even though the bead itself is light. The KOKOnutz is designed for speed and an easy grab when performing faster tricks. For the first time, MonkeyfingeR Design has incorporated OPTIONS into the Begleri world. They are the first to design a system that the player can adjust both the look and weight of their Begleri.

Introducing Bumperz. This slick little rubber ring slides into the bottom groove of the KOKOnutz giving the bead some protection against the constant bashing against each other and drops on hard surfaces. There will be 1 set of Bumperz in each box. MonkeyfingeR has produced 10 eye-catching colors available as an option to purchase as a Bumperz Super Pack. The Super Packs will have 10 sets of Bumperz, so for the first time the player has the ability to change the appearance of their Begleri. The Bumperz will only fit the KOKOnutz.

Let's talk about the OPTIONS that are available. This weight system is called MonkeyBARs. MonkeyfingeR is the first to develop this type of system. It is a small stainless steel insert that fits into not only the KOKOnutz design but all the Begleri designs they have produced so far including Ape Grapes and Wukongs. The player can now add or subtract weight for their play style. These are NOT included in the box.

Let's talk about the MonkeyCHORDS. MonkeyfingeR has been offering this option since they started making Begleri. MonkeyfingeR is finding that around 25% of their customers are also purchasing extra CHORDS on the way out of the store. So if you want even more ways to customize your KOKOnutz Begleri, check out the MonkeyCHORDS 3-pack.
  • Set of KOKOnutz
  • 3 color matched MonkeyCHORDS
  • Info card about Begleri and how to get started
  • 1 set of Bumperz
  • 4 stickers (MFD, MonkeyCHORDS, KOKOnutz, Bumperz)
  • Dimensions: 0.94" x 0.82" (24 mm x 21 mm)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Amber Nebula
  • Weight: 0.78 oz. (22 g)
  • Made in Canada
Semi-Custom or Mid-Tech knives are knives produced by a process in which the designer has more direct--but not complete--involvement; parts of these knives may still have been made by others.


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