Norton Rolling Wheel Knife Sharpener, 1-7/8" Diameter - NT2616


This product is no longer available

1 7/8" diameter. Hand-held rolling wheel knife sharpener has two slots with proper built-in angle to sharpen each side of the blade. No lubricants needed. Compact and easy to use. Made in Brazil.

We have tried this little item around the plant here at the KnifeCenter- and we like it! It does a reasonable job of quickly setting the angle on both sides of a blade. Use it gingerly and try to work the entire edge and carefully keep it lodged in the groove to keep the angle consistent. One of the nice features is that it doesn't mess up the sides of the blades with scratches and just works on the sharpened bevel. Generally we follow it with a quick stropping- just drag the blade pretty much flat on some leather or even canvas or blue jean material to take the extra steel off the edge on both sides.

UPC Code: 662530926160


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