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The Baton Pro Ti is one of the best portable, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlights that money can buy. Powered by a single 3500mAh 18650 customized lithium rechargeable battery and a high-efficiency LED, the Baton Pro Ti delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens and features a full titanium body. The Baton Pro Ti adopts Olight's signature magnetic USB charging system for a more convenient charging station. With increased output and easier charging, the Baton Pro Ti provides a high-performance portable experience for outdoor or utility lighting on the go.

  • Delivers a maximum output of 2,000 lumens with cool white high performance LED available.
  • The Baton Pro Ti, with an 18mm diameter TIR lens, is 28% larger than that of the previous generation, providing better light quality with a soft and balanced beam.
  • The Baton Pro Ti adopts a 3D small squared and big rounded texture milling pattern for an extremely firm grip and great look.
  • The blue dual-directional stainless steel pocket clip can easily attach to your backpack, belt or pocket for easy access.
  • Visual display indicator located on the center of the switch to clearly display the battery level in real-time.


  • Baton Pro Ti Titanium Body Flashlight (Stainless Steel Clip Included)
  • Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • MCC 1A Magnetic USB Charging Cable
  • Pouch
  • Lanyard (with a pin tool)
  • User Manual


  • General Specifications
  • Beam Distance: 433 feet/132 meters
  • Max. Performance: 2000 lumens
  • Charge Type: Magnetic USB charge base
  • Compatible Batteries: 3500mAh 18650 customized lithium rechargeable battery (included)
  • Light Intensity (candela): 4350
  • Light Form: Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
  • Lens/Reflector Type: TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
  • Mode Operation: Side Switch
  • Series: S (EDC, General Use)
  • Lighting Levels
  • Level 1 (lumens): 2000-600
  • Runtime Level 1: 1+160 min
  • Level 2 (lumens): 600
  • Runtime Level 2: 210 min
  • Level 3 (lumens): 120 
  • Runtime Level 3: 13 hours 30 min
  • Level 4 (lumens): 30
  • Runtime Level 4: 55 hours
  • Level 5 (lumens): 5
  • Runtime Level 5: 9 days
  • Strobe: Yes
  • SOS/Beacon: No
  • Technical Specifications
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Weight: 133 grams / 4.69 ounces
  • Length: 108 mm/4.25 inches
  • Head Diameter: 25 mm/0.98 inches
  • Body Diameter: 24 mm/0.94 inches
  • LED: One High-Performance Cool White LED
  • Use: Everyday Carry, Car, Camping, Fishing, Household, General Use
  • Made in China

UPC Code: 6972378120465

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