Todd Rexford Knives RUT Rexford Utility Tool V4 Razor Blade Multi-Tool - KnifeCenter Exclusive Maze Milled Titanium Handles


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REXRUTV4KCEM: RUT Rexford Utility Tool V4, KnifeCenter Exclusive Maze
Todd Rexford Knives
The RUT is a compact utility knife which also functions as a #2 Flathead screwdriver or light pry bar, and a can/bottle opener. Included is a split ring loop for keychain or lanyard attachment and T7 stainless Torx screws hold the two halves together. The main function of the RUT is the replaceable razor blade. A standard utility knife razor blade is used and is deployed using the lockbar combined with sliding the blade out until the locking tab locks the blade. The blade can be retracted by simply opening the lockbar with one hand and tilting the tool rearward to allow the blade to fall back into the handle. Blade changes are tool-less. The blade can be changed by continuing to hold the lockbar open and sliding the blade all the way out. The RUT is a great user and abuser blade, 100% made in the USA.

V4 changes incorporate all the advances of the V3 but also now include a wrap-around puzzle piece construction in the front which has one side of the tool wrapping around and encompassing the other side. This locks the two halves together at the front without any fasteners. Lock and anti-rattle attributes have been updated. The rear flathead/pry tool area has been angled in relation to the body. It also has been shortened slightly and the sweep has been extended adding strength. Also, the lockbar shroud has been enlarged to keep your fingers further away from the lockbar.

Opening, Changing, and Closing the Blade.

To deploy the blade, pinch the RUT between your middle finger and thumb near the bottom of the tool. Move the lockbar over to the left side of the tool with your index finger while grasping the blade with your other hand. When the lockbar lock is clear of the blade pull the blade out and let the lock engage in the slot of the blade. To remove the blade, continue pulling the blade out without letting the lock engage in the blade slot. Closing is the reverse of these operations. 

Note: When pulling the blade out make sure to pull it out straight. Pulling upward or downward can cause the blade to hang up. 

Note: Squeezing the middle of the tool can create drag on the blade during opening and closing operation when the tool is new. Once broken in, this won't be a problem.

Note: There are multiple other options for opening the lockbar. This is just one iteration.

It is up to the user to determine proper fit of the utility blade. Not all blades are manufactured to the same size specifications. 

Warranty: The RUT carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty on original workmanship and materials. This product is guaranteed to be free of defects in original material and construction. This does not include normal wear, corrosion, or damage/breakage due to improper use. Please contact Rexford Knives to receive warranty repair or replacement.
  • #2 Flathead Screwdriver/Pry Bar
  • Bottle/Can Opener
  • Replaceable Black Standard Razor Blade
  • Shrouded lockbar and interlocking halves
  • Bit driver incorporated into split-ring hole
  • Cleanout passage on main body and angled cleanout grooves
  • Closed position blade tension
  • Fully enclosed lock shroud
  • 3D machined halve mating section
  • Dimensions: 3.53" x 0.90"
  • Material: 6Al4V Titanium, KnifeCenter Exclusive Maze Milling
  • Thickness: 0.180"
  • Weight: 0.8 oz.
  • Made in the USA
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Titanium Handles
Titanium Handles A nonferrous metal, it's prized for its high strength to weight ratio and is often used on higher end knives.
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.
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