SK Knives Steven Kelly .223 Degraded Radioactive Isotope Container (Trit Holder), Gunmetal Titanium

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This product is no longer available
SKKDRIC223THGM: .223 Degraded Radioactive Isotope Container (Trit Holder), Gunmetal Titanium
Steven Kelly Handmade Knives
If you haven't heard of SK Knives, it's time to start paying attention. Steven Kelly isn't new to the game and his designs aren't that mainstream but they definitely should be. He's been making knives since 2000 and has concentrated on tactical folders since 2009. That's given him ample time to conceive an array of excellent folders for both everyday carry and tactical operations. Each is 100% handmade in his own shop and Mr. Kelly even performs his own heat treating. Differential edge quenching is his preferred method--having the steel near the edge harder than the steel near the spine. This provides the best combination of edge holding ability and toughness in most applications.

After high demand and constant request, the .223 Titanium Trit holders are finally back. Named the Degraded Radioactive Isotope Container but commonly known as the Trit Holder, it's designed to hold a tritium vial and give you illumination for your keychain for years to come. It is available a total of nine different finishes in a variety of materials so choose the one that best represents you. Made in Bigfork, MT.
  • Dimensions: 2.40" x 0.35"
  • Material: Titanium
  • Finish: Gunmetal
  • Weight: 0.3 oz.
  • Made in the USA
Custom Made Knife
Custom Made Knife Custom knives are hand made in shops around the world. These will typically be extremely high quality and one of a kind pieces meticulously built by the craftsman.
Titanium Handles
Titanium Handles A nonferrous metal, it's prized for its high strength to weight ratio and is often used on higher end knives.
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.


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