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BLK FRIDAY DEAL: ZT 0909 $99.95 Details

Spyderco C123CFP Sage Folding Knife 3" S30V Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles


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SP123CFP: Sage - Carbon Fiber Handle

A Sage is someone wise in judgment and experience. It’s reasonable assuming they achieved that title through trial, error and extending their best effort at every opportunity. If that definition can be applied to something tangible it would be an item created from experience and striving for quality and performance at the highest level. If said item were a pocketknife we could call it a Sage.

The C123 Sage represents Spyderco’s 30-year pledge to knife crafting and learning to make better knives at every available opportunity. The plan is to offer an ongoing series of Sage Folders with many of the different and ingenuous locking devices and mechanisms the knife industry has to offer.

This model is in recognition of knifemaker Michael Walker’s contribution to the knife industry with his creation of the LinerLock® and ball bearing detent method of locking open a folding knife. It pairs together a drop-point shaped CPM-S30V blade with a twill-woven carbon fiber handle and LinerLock. Categorized as a mid-sized folder, the blade is flat-ground and PlainEdged. Designed for comfort and in-the-hand-ergonomics, the carbon fiber handle is vibrant with multi-colored fibers bonded together when manufacturing the carbon fiber. The weaving runs deep, making ridges and textures for the palm to adhere to while gripping and cutting. A silhouette wire pocket clip adjusts for left- or right-hand carry.


  • Overall length: 7-1/8” (181mm)
  • Blade Length: 3” (76mm)
  • Weight: 3.2oz (91g)
  • Made in Taiwan
S30V Stainless Steel
S30V Stainless Steel
A hardened wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel developed in collaboration with Chris Reeve. It is known for its improved sharpness and toughness. This is a premium grade steel only used in high end knives. Composition: Carbon 1.45%, Chromium 14.00%, Vanadium 4.00%, Molybdenum 2.00%
Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip
Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
Carbon Fiber Handles
Carbon Fiber Handles
Very strong and lightweight material. Provides an upscale and modern feel.
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5 out of 5
Kaufman, Tx
Oct 23, 2017
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Lock Type, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Pocket Clip, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Material
Cons: None
I love the sage series. This knife perfecis spot on. The blade was perfectly centered and the action smooth as it could be. I like the carbon fiber scales that added to the sophisticated styling. The S30V was hair shaving from the box. And as all Taichung Spyderco knives I've seen was top notch assembled. The QC from that factory can rival any there is and I definitely recommend anyone interested go for it.
5 out of 5
Steve N.
Plymouth, Mn
Jun 14, 2017
Pros: Ease of Opening, Overall Quality, Weight, Handle Material
Cons: None
Spyderco Sage
Great knife. Perfect size and quality is first rate. My favorite EDC knife.
3 out of 5
Jonathan N.
South West USA
Feb 29, 2016
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Weight, Blade Material, Sheath, Pocket Clip, None
Cons: Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Lock Ease of Use
It's OK, but just OK. I don't understand all the hype...
I have quite a few older Spydercos I've collected over the years along with owning several different knife manufacturer's products. I hadn't bought a new Spyderco in quite some time however having my last being the Brad Southard that I sold 3 months after its purchase and the other 2 being a Centofonte 3 and a Native I bought a few years ago and still own and like very much. Sadly however this may be my last Spyderco if this knife is representative of their current quality level. While the fit and finish are excellent, the action of the knife leaves much to be desired. Being stiff and gritty out of the box is often the case with any new knife. Multiple opening and closings will usually allow the detent ball to wear a sufficient glide path around the pivot and smooth out the action within a reasonable length of time. Almost a week of constant everyday use to this point have failed to make this knife any smoother so I decided to disassemble, clean, and reassemble it in hopes rectifying the problem or at least discovering what problems if any the one I received suffered from. Upon examination I noticed that the blade tang had a very rough vertical grind pattern and wasn't polished AT ALL! Even some of my cheaper knives had a better polish at the blade tang allowing for faster and more thorough break-in making the action smoother sooner. While I lean towards my Benchmade knives as some of my favorites, even some of my Ontario RAT1 and RAT2 knives as well as the Boker EX, Kershaw, ZT, and SOG folders I own were either smoother out of the box or broke in within a reasonable length of time. I bought this Spyderco Sage 1 based on all the glowing reviews I'd seen on various forums and in user reviews such as here at KnifeCenter. I own 6 of Spyderco's value line Chinese models; the Ambitious, Persistence, Tenacious, and Resilience in differing configurations and even at their inexpensive price they're smoother than this Sage. Every one of their blades were polished at the tang where the detent ball rides making for a much smoother action. To be honest, the Persistence while not offering the same CPM S30V blade steel, doesn't offer me much less than does the Sage in terms of every day utility value and it was a third of the price of this Sage. While the Sage is a prettier package with better blade steel IMO it's highly over rated and over hyped. I know at it's price it's not up to the level of maybe a ZT or a Benchmade but for over a hundred bucks I surely expected the quality from a Sal Glesser product that I used to know. This one falls terribly short of Sal's legacy. It's a 5 star knife for display and show but at it's cost it drops to a 2 1/2 - 3 for me.
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