Svord Peasant Friction Folding Knife 3" Carbon Steel Blade, Blue Aluminum Handles - SVORD-PKALI-BLU


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SVO162: Blue Anodized Aluminum 3" Peasant Knife
Not just any old knife, but the B.W. Baker Peasant Knife. Such an old concept that it's new; so new that it's old. B.W. Baker, Master Cutler, felt that the idea of creating his latest knife range was calling to him from the past. Using old fashioned methods and relying on the oldest low-tech methods, Svord proudly present their Peasant Knife. What does it do? Well, it cuts. Sure, there are knives around today that sprout scissors, sawblades, an entire motor mechanic's tool kit, laser beams and micro cell phones. Such knives have lost the very reason for their existence - that's high-tech for you. If you want a knife, a knife to cut things with, the Svord Peasant Knife is for you.

If you've got style, you've got the class to be a first-rate peasant. Peasants are proud. Who actually did anything in history? Royalty? Nobility? Leaders? No way. We peasants carried the can for centuries. We also carried Peasant Knives too. The B.W. Baker Peasant Knife, from the days when peasants had pockets, but no money to fill them. Just the knife. The B.W. Baker Peasant Knife is based on models used in Bohemia and Bavaria 3 - 400 years ago. It's easy to use, easy to carry and to open. But it's awfully hard to put down. You can open it one-handed. Hang it from your belt or whisk from your pocket by its handy tang. Beautifully simple, but crafted by Svord from the finest steel, hardened and tempered to a secret formula. All peasants know value when they see it. Beware of imitations!

Peasant Knife fun. Tap it open - snap it shut- click it, flick it. Whittle the hours away. Pare your nails. Sharpen your writing stick. Free hostages.... Every hovel should have one (or more!) Remember: "Peasants rule, and your knife's your tool". The ultimate exclusive possession - your B.W. Baker Peasant Knife. Older than yesterday, but fascinatingly later than tomorrow. Svord, by appointment to peasants of the world, from executives to errand boys.
  • Blade Material: Hardened and tempered high carbon tool steel blade
  • Handle Material: Blue Anodized Aluminum, no clip
  • Blade Length: 3"
  • Overall Length: 8-1/4"
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Sheath sold separately
  • Made in New Zealand

UPC Code: 9421901356569

Aluminum Handles
Aluminum Handles A solid, lightweight material that can be molded, textured or anodized to provide better grip under extreme conditions.
Svord Peasant Friction Folding Knife 3" Carbon Steel Blade, Blue Aluminum Handlesrated 3.200 stars out of 5 (5 reviews)
3.2 out of 5 stars
5 star
4 star
3 star
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1 star
Svord Peasant Friction Folding Knife 3" Carbon Steel Blade, Blue Aluminum Handles
rated 3 stars out of 5
North Carolina
Feb 11, 2016
Pros: Blade Sharpness, None
Cons: Handle Feel, Handle Material
Decent knife at reasonable cost
Comes sharp from the factory. The only complaint I have is that I didn't realize this aluminum version comes with a pinned pivot, instead of a pivot screw. This means that the pivot is not adjustable.
Svord Peasant Friction Folding Knife 3" Carbon Steel Blade, Blue Aluminum Handles
rated 1 stars out of 5
Geneva, Switzerland
Oct 03, 2015
Pros: Lock Ease of Use, Weight, Ease of Opening, None
Cons: Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Blade Material, Overall Quality
Worst knife finish
Construction and finish are awfull: scales are not symmetric,screws were hammered (you can't take it appart without filing),everything starts dangling once you use it, edge bevel was veryasymetric and very coarse....Ergonomic seemed good in the hand, but the handle is to thin and thegrip gets really painful after 10 minutes of continuous work (in mycase cutting soft plastic sheets)Blade is not bad, but very soft for a carbon steel. It is very easy tosharpen, but it wears to fast for a utility knife.In conclusion, for the same price, buy an Opinel, which is a realpeasant knife (still highly popular in rural france).
Svord Peasant Friction Folding Knife 3" Carbon Steel Blade, Blue Aluminum Handles
rated 4 stars out of 5
Jack Dyment
Cos Cob, Ct
Oct 05, 2012
Pros: Weight, None
Cons: Handle Material, Overall Quality, Pocket Clip
Good Value
The main POU for this knife is a cheap beater knife that will stay sharp and you won't care if it rusts. If you are looking for a knife with nice "fit and finish" run in the other direction. The handle scales are scratched and are drilled in slightly different places on each of the handles, making them offset. The blade has a two-tone finish that is pretty good looking from far away, but if you inspect it, you can see that there is a lot of discoloration and pitting. It comes reasonably sharp and there is no side-to-side blade play (of course there is up-and-down, it is a friction folder). The opening is meant to be difficult if you closed it hard, but is easy if you closed it lightly. There is excellent friction when the blade is open, but is still easy to close. This is a good knife for hard-use, not as much for showing off.
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