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Sentry Solutions BP2000 Powder, Dry Lubricant Trigger Tuner and Bore Treatment (91040)


Part #: SY1040 | Sentry Solutions
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SY1040: BP2000 Powder
Sentry Solutions

BP2000 Powder is pure powdered sub-micron, passivated molybdenum disulfide lubricant. 3 ounces.

Dry lubricant trigger tuner and bore treatment.

Tested and used by Navy SEALS.

How It Works

BP2000 Powder; molybdenum (mloy) disulfide has a natural bonding affinity for metals. BP2000 Powder is based on dry film technology. It is specially prepared with strict controls on particle size (sub-micron) and chemical composition (passivated). BP2000 is the finest lubricating powder available. When worked into any metal surface BP2000 Powder provides a dry bonded film of lubrication which sheds dirt and residue so cleaning is simple.

Pure powdered sub-micron, passivated molybdenum disulfide lubricant with a natural bonding+H4 affinity for metal. BP2000 is great for trigger jobs and fine-tuning bores, bolts, rails and slides. BP2000 Powder can be used on its own or on top of Smooth-Kote. When used with Smooth-Kote, friction is reduced by as much as an additional 20%, compared to oiled surfaces. BP2000 POWDER and Smooth-Kote should be used together on any surface which needs smoothness and high lubricity such a trigger part surfaces and match barrels. Hammer and sear trigger systems treated with these products will have smoother and lighter trigger pulls.

The size of the particles in BP2000 Powder are sub-micron, allowing them to get into the pores in the metal surface. Graphite particles are much larger and so cannot get into the pores of the metal. BP2000 will bond to the metal axle much better than graphite.

Think of BP2000 Powder particles as if they were marbles. Compared to graphite particles the size of bowling balls. If you covered a floor with both, No matter how many you spread on a floor, there will always be gaps between the larger balls. Whereas BP2000 Powder, being comprised of sub-micron particles, would be the equivalent of covering that same floor with marbles Gaps between the particles would be smaller and you’d get much better coverage.

Directions For Use

Ensure firearm is unloaded and free of any ammunition.

We recommend wearing gloves when working with solvents, BP2000 Powder and Smooth-Kote. Note:

Surfaces treated with BP2000 will have a silvery gray mirror like finish. If in doubt about color, test on an interior surface. BP2000 powder can also be a little messy. If you have ever seen copy toner, you know what we mean. For easy cleaning, wipe up with rubbing alcohol.

Clean surfaces well; use a cleaner that leaves no residue, or use rubbing alcohol to rinse the cleaned surfaces before treating. Allow surfaces to dry. Apply a small amount of BP2000 Powder to a clean patch, cloth or bore mop and briskly rub the powder into the metal surface. For tight spaces, dip a cotton swab into powder and work into the surfaces.

To maintain surface:

Use a dry, nylon-bristle brush to remove dirt & residues. Surface can then be touched up with BP2000.

BP2000 is not a permanent coating; it can be removed using conventional cleaning solvents.

Any surface treated with BP2000 can be touched up with Smooth-Kote.

To clean hands the use of a waterless hand cleaner is recommended, followed by mild soap & water

Directions for use of BP2000 Powder on top of Smooth-Kote:

Use gloves if available, otherwise waterless hand cleaner is suggested for clean up.

Clean surfaces well; use a residue-free cleaner or rinse the cleaned/degreased surface with rubbing alcohol, methanol or ethanol before treating.

Stir & shake Smooth-Kote well. Apply a thin coat to all interior surfaces, including the bore, using a brush, dipping, spraying or the Precision Applicator.

For bore treatments use clean dry patches on a tight fitting jag (bore mop for shotguns) for the best coating. Patches should be wet but not dripping. Allow 2 hours at room temperature for curing or after dry, use a hair dryer to warm the metal to shorten curing time.

After Smooth-Kote is dry proceed as above with BP2000 Powder. Surfaces can be maintained and touched up using Smooth-Kote or BP2000 Powder.
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  • Firearms: Barrel Break-In: Barrel Break-In Treatment
  • Firearms: Trigger Tuning: Trigger Tuning Using Smooth-Kote and BP2000
  • Firearms: Paintball Guns: Protect Your Paintball Guns

UPC Code: 766793910406

Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
Sentry Solutions BP2000 Powder, Dry Lubricant Trigger Tuner and Bore Treatment (91040)5.000 (1 review)
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Sentry Solutions BP2000 Powder, Dry Lubricant Trigger Tuner and Bore Treatment (91040)
5 out of 5
Ringgold, GA
Jan 04, 2010
Pros: Effectiveness
Cons: None
Micronized molybdenum disulfide lubricant
Lubricate all the internal parts of handguns, rifles, shotguns.Pro - Prvents Dust, safe on all moving partsCon - None


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