Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote - 1/2 oz. Precision Applicator (91070_


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SY1070: Smooth-Kote - 1/2 oz. Precision Applicator
Sentry Solutions

A fast-drying lubricant and bore treatment that molecularly bonds to metal protecting against friction and wear. Based on molybdenum disulfide technology, the passivated, sub-micron particles bond to metals for long-lasting lubrication from -65F to +650F.

The bonded lubrication dramatically reduces fouling thereby enhancing accuracy, bullet velocity and reliability. SMOOTH-KOTE eliminates grime with advanced non-stick dry protection that repels dirt, and allows metal fouling and powder residue to be brushed right off.

How it works
SMOOTH-KOTE is easily applied to all the interior surfaces of firearms; in addition to lubrication, it gives surfaces a non-stick coating that not only keeps dirt and residues from adhering, but also makes cleaning simple. SMOOTH-KOTE is superior to oil and silicone because it works when dry - and thus will not attract and hold dirt. As a bore treatment, SMOOTH-KOTE smoothes the rough spots, thus enhancing velocity and minimizing fouling - without compromising accuracy. The bonding action of SMOOTH-KOTE ensures a uniform coating in all barrels and so maintains any barrels interior diameter. Superior to TEFLON (R) containing products which embed in metal rather than bond. Embedding prevents such products from maintaining a barrels diameter and so degrades accuracy even if they reduce fouling. A bore treatment needs to do more than just reduce fouling and lubricate to enhance any firearms accuracy. SMOOTH-KOTE in any bore will increase the number of rounds fired before any fouling has a chance to occur. The non-stick action makes cleaning as simple as brushing off and a quick touch up.

Note for Treatment of Bores:

As anyone who has observed the magnified image of a rifled bore knows, no bore is perfectly smooth. All lands and groove surfaces in any bore show some degree of surface imperfection, when viewed under sufficient magnification. Regardless of the rifling method employed by the manufacturer, surface irregularities (high points and depressions) are always present. Bore lapping will reduce but cannot eliminate these imperfections. These imperfections increase friction and contribute to fouling. SMOOTH-KOTE follows the contours of the surface, effectively filling in the low spots and smoothing the high points with a bonded non-stick shield of lubrication. This has the effect of reducing friction, therefore less heat is generated and so less fouling is created. Any fouling created is unable to bond to the surface and so is easily cleaned out without the use of solvents.

Directions for use
Ensure firearm is unloaded and free of any ammunition. Clean all surfaces of oil, powder/metal residues, rust, dirt, etc. using cleaners such as Gun Scrubber, Quick Scrub, alcohol or other solvents that do not leave residues. Detail stripping, if possible, is recommended. Allow cleaned surfaces to dry. If any residue is visible rinse surface with rubbing alcohol or similar.

We recommend wearing gloves when working with solvents and SMOOTH-KOTE.

Use gloves if available, otherwise waterless hand cleaner is suggested for clean up.

Stir & shake SMOOTH-KOTE well. Apply a thin coat to all interior surfaces, including the bore, using a brush, dipping, spraying or the Precision Applicator. For bore treatments use clean dry patches on a tight fitting jag (bore mop for shotguns) for the best coating. Patches should be wet but not dripping. Allow 2 hours at room temperature for curing or after dry, use a hair dryer to warm the metal to shorten curing time. To maintain: use nylon bristle brush to clean surfaces & bore. Patching out the bore is also effective. Then touch-up wearing surfaces with SMOOTH-KOTE. To touch up the bore run a clean patch wet (but not dripping) with SMOOTH-KOTE.

NOTE: If using lead ammo, bore may be cleaned using a bronze brush or if needed, bore solvent. Then re-treat bore with SMOOTH-KOTE see directions above.

NOTE: SMOOTH-KOTE liquid will stain fabrics and other porous surfaces with which it may come into contact. Use the same caution as when working with indelible ink. Waterless or powdered hand cleaners do a good job cleaning skin and fabric, etc.

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Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.
Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote - 1/2 oz. Precision Applicator (91070_rated 1.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Sentry Solutions Smooth-Kote - 1/2 oz. Precision Applicator (91070_
rated 1 stars out of 5
May 11, 2015
Pros: Effectiveness, None
Cons: Effectiveness
Problems with applicator and Sentry Solutions customer service
Pretty good dry lubricant from what I could tell from one use. During second session applying it, the applicator clogged. While trying to unclog it, the applicator got damaged. Sentry Solutions answer to that problem is to buy another bottle and applicator. Wouldn't even let me buy another applicator. I'm stuck with an almost full bottle of stuff that may clog again, and no way to use it without spending another $10 + shipping? So I say that Sentry Solutions has poor customer service, and the company is not willing to stand behind their product.


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