Sentry Solutions Marine Duty Gear Care Kit (91204)

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SY91204: Sentry Solutions Marine Duty Gear Care Kit (91204)

Sentry Solutions

The Kit Includes:

  • Marine TUF-CLOTH: Wiping clean, lubricates and stops rust. Cleaning comes from the liquid carrier for the advanced ingredients. Once dry, the protective shield is micro-bonded for extreme performance.
  • Marine TUF-GLIDE: Penetrates the hard to reach parts of your gear, displaces water and is safe for fiberglass and plastics.
  • Lint-free foam tipped swabs: (5) Large, (12) Small, (5) Cotton
  • (5) Pipe Cleaners, (10) Patches, Gloves, Alcohol Pads

How it works

A unique product for complete care of all your everyday gear. Award winning TUF-CLOTH and TUF-GLIDE, as well as lint-free foam swabs, patches, cleaners, gloves, and alcohol pads.

Directions for use

1. For best micro-bonding results apply to clean surfaces. If cleanliness is doubted rinse with rubbing alcohol or TUF-GLIDE.

2. Apply TUF-GLIDE sparingly to surfaces for lubrication and protection. Work mechanisms to ensure complete coverage. Use precision needle for pinpoint application. Use the included cleaning tools to scrub inner, hidden surfaces.

3. Wipe off excess TUF-GLIDE and flat parts with TUF-CLOTH.

4. Use TUF-CLOTH to firmly rub surfaces. Drying time depends on thickness of coating/dampness of cloth. If cloth dries out add TUF-GLIDE or pure odorless mineral spirits (not turpentine) to restore original "feel".

5. Return cloth to its special vapor-barrier pouch/jar and seal tightly for longer life.

Repeat frequently if item is exposed to wear or stored outdoors. For extreme conditions, long term storage OR saltwater applications use Marine TUF-CLOTH.

Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.


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