Victorinox Swiss Army Mammoth Tusk Executive Special Edition Collector's Knife - 53404

Part #: VN53404 | Victorinox Swiss Army


This product is no longer available
VN53404: Mammoth Tusk Knife - Executive
Victorinox Swiss Army
Victorinox Swiss Army is proud to introduce a Special Edition Collector’s Knife.

These knives are custom made with a Prehistoric Mammoth Tusk. The Wooly Mammoth roamed the Earth
over 125,000 years ago, resembling modern-day elephants. They had shaggy coats and long curved tusks.

Now extinct, their remains are unearthed in the northern hemisphere with their long tusks intact.
Over the years the ivory takes on a variety of colors including tans and grays which gives the ivory a very unique grain.

Scarce and difficult to work with, Mammoth tusk ivory handles give your Swiss Army Knife a history all its own.
  • Item #: 53404
  • Swiss Army Executive Pattern
  • Genuine Mammoth Tusk Handle
  • Includes signature box and insert, highlighting history
  • Large Blade
  • Orange Peeler
  • Small Blade
  • Key Ring
  • Nail File
  • Scissors

UPC Code: 046928547005


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