Wicked Edge WE130-17 Micro-Adjustable Precision Sharpener with Cam-Lock Vise, No Base (2017 Model)


Part #: WE13017 | Wicked Edge
WE13017: WE130-17 Precision Sharpener (2017 Model)
Wicked Edge
The Precision Sharpener - WE130 includes the Patented Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise, making it ideal for sharpening fully-flat-ground blades. The vise is self-centering which keeps the angle on both sides of the sharpener symmetrical. The WE130 includes the Micro-Adjustable, Ball-Joint Guide Rods which allow for 0.05 degree angle adjustments, and has an angle range of 13-35 degrees per side. 

What's new to the 2017 model?

They've changed the shape of the L-bracket and incorporated a jam-nut locking system which secures the micro adjustment feature. The 2017 model has their newly designed Generation 3 Vise which includes a fully enclosed cam to prevent metal shavings from entering inside the mechanism, a tension adjustment lever to control the clamping tension of the vise, and split jaws which make the 2017 model more effective at clamping distally tapered and fully-flat-ground blades. 

The Wicked Edge is a precision engineered, angle guided manual sharpening machine. It was designed to very exacting standards to consistently deliver an incredible, razor sharp edge. While the results are excellent, it is easy to use and does not require special knowledge or skills to use. Made in the USA.
  • Guide Rod pivots: Ball-Joint/L-bracket
  • Angle Range: 13-35 degrees
  • Angle Setting: Manual, independent angle adjustment on both sides of the sharpener
  • Main angle Adjustment: 1-degree increments
  • Micro-Adjustment: 0.05-degree increments 
  • Clamping System: Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise
  • Knife Alignment: Standard Wicked Edge Alignment Guide
  • Blade Depth Regulation: Standard Wicked Edge Depth Key with two settings for height adjustment 
  • Guide Rod Length: 10.0"
  • Max Clamping Width: 0.1875"
  • Base: Not included

  • Coarse 100 Grit / Medium Coarse 200 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Medium 400 Grit / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones (2 ea)
  • Machined from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, stainless steel and space-age composite materials
  • Dimensions: 11.0" x 5.75" x 7.0"
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Granite base sold separately
  • Made in the USA
Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.
Wicked Edge WE130-17 Micro-Adjustable Precision Sharpener with Cam-Lock Vise, No Base (2017 Model)rated 4.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Wicked Edge WE130-17 Micro-Adjustable Precision Sharpener with Cam-Lock Vise, No Base (2017 Model)
rated 4 stars out of 5
Western Australia
Apr 13, 2018
Pros: Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Impressive sharpening system
This is a high quality and effective sharpening system after an initial learning curve to control the stone travel on the guide rods and avoid blade scratches. The various angle and positioning adjustments need to be noted down for each new knife sharpened but once set up properly it delivers very sharp edges and highly repeatable results. The clamping system is easy to use and effective. I have purchased a large range of stone grits and leather strops which significantly improve the finished edges. Overall, highly recommended.


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