Wicked Edge WEHC3 Hard Rolling Carry Case with Retractable Handle


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WEHC3: Hard Rolling Carry Case with Retractable Handle

Wicked Edge

This is the largest and most travel-friendly case Wicked Edge offers. It has a retractable handle and wheels, as well as regular handles on 3 sides. It's pressure sealed and watertight and made from high-density resin.

This case is designed to work with the Precision Sharpener, Pro Pack I, Pro Pack II, and will work for anyone who has upgraded their sharpener with the Generation 3 Vise Upgrade. It will NOT fit the Generation 3 Pro Sharpener.

Sharpening products not included.

The custom foam insert has slots for the following products:

  • Sharpener with Granite or Paperstone base attached
  • Generation 3 Vise Lever
  • Guide Rods up to 10"
  • Low Angle Adapter
  • Generation 3 Jaws for 1/4" or 1/6" Blades
  • Scissor Attachment
  • Digital Angle Cube
  • Superaser
  • Up to 4 sets of Diamond Paste or Emulsion in syringes or 7ml bottles
  • Up to 10 sets of diamond stones / ceramic stones / leather strops / balsa strops / blank handles
  • Variable Stone Thickness Adapter 
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
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