Work Sharp WSSA0003300 Upgrade Kit for Guided Sharpening System


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WSSA0003300: Guided Sharpening System Upgrade Kit
Work Sharp
Expand your Work Sharp Guided Sharpening system to repair damaged blades, sharpen a wider range of tools, or create the ultimate cutting edge! The Guided Sharpening System Upgrade Kit includes two additional Diamond Plates (Extra Coarse 220 grit and Extra Fine 800 grit), and a Leather Strop Kit with 25° angle guides and 0.5 micron chromium oxide honing compound. The Diamond Plates and Leather Strop are 6" x 1.25" and are designed to fit the Guided Sharpening System.

The Extra Coarse Diamond Plate (220 grit) allows you to expand your sharpening capabilities to common edge tools, and is ideal for removing material quickly when repairing or re-profiling a knife. The Extra Fine Diamond Plate (800 grit) offers a refined sharpening experience, ideal when re-sharpening a knife or other fine edge tool. The Leather Strop is used as the final step when refining your knife edge to create the sharpest edge possible. The leather and honing compound combine to produce an incredibly keen edge for high performance cutting tasks.
  • Extra-Coarse Diamond Plate (220 Grit)
  • Extra-Fine Diamond Plate (800 Grit)
  • Leather Stropping Plate
  • 25° Stropping Angle Guides (2)
  • 0.5 Micron Honing Compound
  • Overall Dimensions: 6" x 1.25"
Work Sharp WSSA0003300 Upgrade Kit for Guided Sharpening Systemrated 4.500 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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Work Sharp WSSA0003300 Upgrade Kit for Guided Sharpening System
rated 5 stars out of 5
Tom Horn
Jul 29, 2018
Pros: Durability, Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Best Bang for Your Buck – All You Really Need
Purchased this Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System as a tool sharpener for wilderness base camp (probably not the tool you want to pack very far). I was going to purchase the new Work Sharp Pocket Sharpener I saw announced about the time of Blade Show this year, but, I haven’t seen it for retail, as yet. After purchasing this Sharpening System I feel no need of the Pocket Sharpener. This is the most versatile sharpener on the market today. The guided ceramic Field Hone detaches for small/light weight field carry, and is perhaps all you would need for field dressing/processing game in the field, if you touched-up the blade when it started to dull. But, all the individual diamond plates can also be detached and carried into the field, as well, so you’ll never know a dull moment. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The diamond plate holder also, detaches, so you can sharpen/repair axes and tools freehand. The Pivot-Response System makes it easy to maintain proper angle on belly/curves. I purchased the upgrade kit, as well. It comes with an extra coarse diamond plate (great for tool repair), ultra fine diamond plate, and a leather stropping plate w/0.5 micron honing compound (when you don’t want a toothy edge). I plan on upgrading the honing compound to Flexcut Gold (available at, great stuff). The sharpener comes with 17°/20° detachable push angle guides (sharpening), and fixed 22° pull (stropping/honing) angle guide. The upgrade kit includes a 25° detachable pull angle guide, adding to its versatility. Comes with a nice User Reference Guide. I plan on having it laminated and hang it over the work bench in the shop, next to the Ken Onion Work Sharp Guide for easy home use. Only complaint is, I wish it came with a nice carrying case/nylon bag to carry/pack all the components. It has limited sharpening options for recurve blades (inverse curves), unlike vee rod sharpening systems. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> • Guided Sharpening System is 9” X 2.5”, weighs 1 1/3 lbs. • With Upgrade Kit = 1 ½ lbs. • Ceramic Field Hone is 6” X 0.5”, 1.8 oz. • Individual Diamond plate are 6” X 1.25”, 2.0 oz. If you carried the Field Hone, and one Diamond Plate in your pocket, or backpack, it would take up about the space of an energy bar, and weigh less than 4 ounces. This is a great/easy to use sharpening system for campers, hunters, fishermen, backpackers, RV-ers, and all knife users. Comes with a 42 year warranty, so it will probably last your lifetime (normal wear on diamond plates not included).
Work Sharp WSSA0003300 Upgrade Kit for Guided Sharpening System
rated 4 stars out of 5
J Lavin
Jul 14, 2016
Pros: Effectiveness, Ease of Use
Cons: None


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