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Katz Knives produces some of the highest quality factory knives on the market today, giving the user a lifetime of pleasure and satisfaction. Katz Knives represents a good investment in fine cutlery with very impressive styling. The KnifeCenter offers several fixed blades as well as the buckle knife combos.

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Kagemusha "Secret Ninja"

A great series of liner locking folders and fixed blades with steel frames and great action

Katz Avenger Knives

Sturdy dive and boot knife with special steel and a great harness designs

Alley Kat
Sleek fast and dangerous, the Alley Kat© is very impressive in strength, design, and intimidation.

There just aren't enough belt buckle knives available today. The few we have found, generally have plastic buckles that the knife fits onto. When we saw this well made cast buckle with the high quality Katz knife that fit so nicely on it, we knew it would be a hit. The clip on the knife is wide enough that it can be used as a money clip as well.The knife itself is a small lockback with an XT Stainless 1-3/4" blade and 3" stainless steel body. The metal back of the handle has a great clip which can be used either to slide onto the buckle finding or as a money clip. The knife slides easily onto or off of the cast pewter buckle. Buckle fits a 1-1/2" belt.Sold Metal Buckle and Available in The Following Handle Materials:

Carbon Fiber

Red Dymondwood®

Mother of Pearl

White Micarta
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