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ASP Micro Arm USB Connector - 53044

Part Number: ASP53044
Manufacturer: ASP Products


This product is no longer available
ASP53044: Micro Arm USB
In 2012 the Micro USB became the standard for cell phones and related charging products. This Universal Charging Solution (UCS) was driven by the Telecommunication Union, a branch of the UN. It has been adopted by virtually all major handset manufacturers including Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia and Apple. The Micro USB is small, data intense and universal.

The port of the Micro USB is extremely small. This allows it to be fit to all sizes of LED flashlights. Micro USB Chargers and cables are easily carried and widely available. The Micro Arm USB charging cable is 12" long with a flexible, yet positionable metal cord. Use it to connect your phone or ASP Sapphire USB light to a computer or to recharge your Tactical Triad Flashlight.
  • Universal Charging Solution
  • Harmonized European standard
  • Universal for all data-enabled mobile phones
  • Extremely compact
  • Overall Length: 12"
  • Includes Regular and Micro USB Connections

UPC Code: 092608530447