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Bullets2Bandages .50 Caliber and 7.62 MM Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain Set - BUL5036

Part Number: BBBUL5036
Manufacturer: Bullets2Bandages


This product is no longer available
BBBUL5036: .50 Caliber and 7.62 MM Bullet Bottle Opener Set
Why choose between two wildly popular products? With this combo pack you get two real bullets one bottle opener for home use AND one to put on your keychain.

The unique .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener uses a .50 Browning Machine Gun round, and the 7.62 MM Bottle Opener is made from an M14 or M240 round. They purchase the spent brass from DOD installations, replace the projectile, and re-purpose them into these bottle openers to raise money for veteran charities.

Founded by two former Navy Bomb Technicians, Bullets2Bandages is a Socially Conscious company designed to show Support for America’s VETERANS. Through the Purchase of their products, you are saying Thank You to our nation's Heroes.

**We strongly recommend that you do not travel with this product on your person or in a carry-on bag. The TSA may consider it a weapon, which could lead to confiscation and/or a fine.
  • .50 Caliber Bullet (.50 Cal BMG) and 7.62 MM Bullet Openers
  • Classic Brass Finish
  • Once-Fired Military Grade Ammunition
  • Made in the USA
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.