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BLACKHAWK! Legacy XHR7 Rechargeable Xenon Flashlight, 350 Max Lumens

Part Number: BH75FL008BK
Manufacturer: BLACKHAWK


This product is no longer available
BH75FL008BK: Legacy XHR7 Flashlight

The Legacy XHR7 represents an evolutionary next step in rechargeable lighting tools. This rechargeable, compact, high-intensity combination Xenon-Halogen bulb flashlight for tactical, duty, and general purpose use produces a smooth, intense, pre-focused, high quality beam of an amazing 350 lumens of intense white light output. Utilizing a very unique combination of Xenon-Halogen gas filled bulb allows for much greater light output of any light comparable in size. This rechargeable lighting tool is designed with some very practical and unique features not available on any other rechargeable light. The Legacy XR7 utilizes the latest generation Samsung lithium-ion 7.2 volt rechargeable battery that develops no “memory effect” allow the end user to charge the light at anytime during the life cycle of the charge. Recharging the light is simple and easy by simply rotating a protective collar (just below the bezel head) counter clockwise exposing the male end of the charging contacts. An AC/DC charger that (included with the light) is similar to that of a common cell phone charger plugs into the body of the light and charges the lithium-ion battery. Charging is complete when the led on the smart charger turns from RED to GREEN. Equivalent light output of an 8-9 “D” cell flashlight.

  • Weight. with rechargable battery: 10oz. / 283 grams
  • Length: 7.88" / 200mm
  • Output: 350 lumens
  • Bezel Diameter: 2.25" / 41mm
  • Battery Type: Samsung Lithium-Ion 7.2 Volt
  • Run Time: 1 hours
  • Bulb Type: Xenon

UPC Code: 001374