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Part Number: BR423


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BR423: Non-Typical Stag Drop Point
The cool, comfortable feel of a real stag knife handle makes hefting it a true pleasure. Browning's Non-Typical knives are among the most attractive and useful working blades Browning has ever offered.

Non-Typical knives are durable and sharp tools that you'll never want to be without while you're on the hunt. This award winning series has a traditional look that will appeal to hunters old and young alike, not only for its eye appeal, but the high quality steel.

Browning has over half a century of knife making expertise. Browning knife models are so diverse, there is one for every indoor or outdoor task you have at hand. Browning knives have taken care of skinning and dressing game and thousands of other jobs for nearly 40 years. Today's Browning knife line is certainly the best ever.