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Chef'n Garlic Machine - GM-130ME

Part Number: CHNGM130ME
Manufacturer: Chef'n Kitchen Gadgets


This product is no longer available
CHNGM130ME: Garlic Machine™ - Meringue

Chef'n® describes this item as follows:

How come there's never been ... ? Why doesn't this ... ? Why can't we ... ? These questions are the core ingredients behind Chef'n breakthrough products. The resulting innovations transform common tools into uncommon gadgets that don't simply turn heads; they're turning around once-tired categories.

Turn here for fresh garlic any time. Simply unscrew the bottom, insert peeled garlic cloves, replace bottom and twist. Each turn yields fresh minced garlic ready to go. Use the special blade to slice off just what you need. Pop on the lid and store in the 'fridge.

1. Press multiple cloves of garlic
2. Store unused garlic in Garlic Machine for up to a week
3. Efficiently uses more of the garlic clove than other garlic presses
4. Dishwasher safe

1. Durable plastic construction

Did you know?
Chef'n was born the day David Holcomb debuted his first kitchen invention, the Garlic Machine™ , at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in 1982.

Handy Tips
To fill, unscrew the tube bottom, insert peeled garlic cloves and replace bottom. To use, twist handle to press fresh garlic. Then use the GarliCutter™ to cut off excess garlic. To store, pop on the special GarLock™ lid and put in the refrigerator.
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Zytel Handles
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