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Chef'n Mini Magnetic PepperBall and Salt Ball Set - 101-033-001

Part Number: CHNMMST212
Manufacturer: Chef'n Kitchen Gadgets


This product is no longer available
CHNMMST212: Mini Magnetic PepperBall® and Salt Ball® Set - Black/Black

Chef'n® describes this item as follows:

A match made in heaven. The Mini Magnetic PepperBall® and Salt Ball™ Set features mini versions of our most popular grinders. Each is embedded with a "Rare-Earth" magnet, making them plenty powerful when sticking to any metal surface. And, with fully functional rasps, they're perfect for small spaces and mobile kitchens.

1. SavvyGrip® soft handles enable one-handed grinding
2. Embedded with a very strong rare-earth magnet
3. Fun addition to all small spaces and kitchens

1. Durable polycarbonate plastic construction
2. Precision zinc pepper rasp and ceramic salt rasp

Available Colors:
Black handles/black pads/clear body

Did you know?
Everyone loves the Salt Ball™ and PepperBall®, our most famous salt and pepper grinders. This friendly but hard-working item has been featured in the press all over the world.

Handy Tips
To refill, remove clear tape over refill window; turn the bottom of the PepperBall® or the Salt Ball® away from you and place your thumb on the rubber "Chef'n®" logo. Push the logo towards the bottom of the ball to slide the window open. The first time you open the refill window, it may be a little rigid, so don't be afraid to push hard.