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Chef'n Sleekstor VeggiSteam - 102-024-011

Part Number: CHNVGST750AV
Manufacturer: Chef'n Kitchen Gadgets


This product is no longer available
CHNVGST750AV: Sleekstor™ VeggiSteam™ - Avocado

Chef'n® describes this item as follows:

How come there's never been ... ? Why doesn't this ... ? Why can't we ... ? These questions are the core ingredients behind Chef'n breakthrough products. The resulting innovations transform common tools into uncommon gadgets that don't simply turn heads; they're turning around once-tired categories.

No it's not a UFO or a prop from Aliens 3, but it sure is out of this world! The new silicone SleekStor™ VeggiSteam™ from Chef'n will have you throwing out that old metal clunker and making space (although not much!) for this new sleek steamer. We revolutionized the standard vegetable steamer by tossing the post and increasing the surface area so you can steam more than just veggies! Broccoli never tasted so good!

1. Modern non-stick design protects non-stick cookware
2. Fits both small and medium sized pots and pans
3. Unique design for easy storability
4. Perfect for steaming more than just veggies!

1. 650 degrees F/340 degrees C heat resistant silicone body
2. Nylon core core
3. Top rack dishwasher safe
4. Microwave safe

Did you know?
Starting June 2007, the VeggiSteams have a new nylon core, making them microwave safe. Please be sure to check your VeggiSteam and confirm it has the new nylon core before using it in the microwave.

Handy Tips
To remove freshly steamed food safely, use the Chef'n Tongos™.