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Horse Tsuba Fully Functional Authentically Constructed

Part Number: CIOH2243
Manufacturer: CAS Iberia


This product is no longer available
CIOH2243: Horse Tsuba
CAS Hanwei

For the tsuba collector, the enthusiast wishing to create a custom sword or the sword owner wishing to customize an existing sword, Hanwei has created a line of katana tsuba replicating renowned pieces from museum collections. Each piece is authentically crafted in iron with gold detailing and has an antique finish that makes it difficult to differentiate from museum-conserved originals. Some minor fitting work may be necessary to adapt these tsuba to individual katana tangs but this can be easily accomplished. We have shown the individual weights for sword balancing purposes. Each tsuba is supplied in a fitted wooden case that is in itself an attractive means of display, but for the collector wishing to feature his tsuba collection formally we have six(OH2133), eight(OH2134) and twelve(OH2135) piece displays available. Framed in oak, each compartment has a built-in tsuba support which allows easy retrieval of an individual piece for examination.
Key Features:
  • Fully Functional
  • Authentically constructed
  • Hanwei quality

  • Overall Length: 3
  • Weight: 110 gms