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Scottish Court Sword From Hanwei with 31" Blade - CISH1214

Part Number: CISH1214
Manufacturer: CAS Iberia


This product is no longer available
CISH1214: Scottish Court Sword Quick and elegant describe the Scottish Court sword. Replicating an original dating from the 1730's and belonging to an officer in Prince Charles Edward Stuart's army at Culloden, the finely chiseled silver-plated hilt and three-edged hollow ground blade exemplify the consummate skill of the swordsmiths of the period. The blade is hand forged from high-carbon steel, with a hollowed triangular section - a difficult blade to make but typical of smallswords of the period. KEY FEATURES: -Authentic replica of a period piece -High-carbon steel blade -Silver plated steel fittings MEASUREMENTS: BLADE LENGTH: 31" HANDLE LENGTH: 7" OVERALL LENGTH: 38" WEIGHT: 1lb 11oz