CAS Hanwei Military Dadao Sword 22-7/8" Blade, Leather Wrap Handle - SH2447

Part #: CISH2447 | CAS Hanwei


This product is no longer available
CISH2447: Military Dadao
CAS Hanwei

CAS Hanwei describes this item as follows:

This sword replicates a Dadao used by the Chinese military during the Japanese invasion of China in the pre-WWII era and celebrates a Chinese victory at the battle of the Great Wall, in which the Dadao and the Katana were actually pitted against each other. The leather handle wrap is representative of the many different wrapping materials originally used by the poorly-equipped army - many of the handles were simply wrapped with strips of clothing fabric, knotted in place. A leather scabbard is included for safety, though the originals had none. The sword is ruggedly built to handle heavy-duty cutting.

  • Authentic Leather Handle Wrap
  • Authentically Styled
  • Leather Scabbard Included
  • Overall: 37"
  • Blade Length: 22 7/8"
  • Handle Length: 14 1/8"
  • Weight: 2 lb 7oz
  • Made in China

UPC Code: 016385


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