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Hanwei Tsuru Iaito Training Sword Katana Unsharpened 27 5/8" Blade - CISH5016

Part Number: CISH5016
Manufacturer: CAS Iberia


This product is no longer available
SH5016 Hanwei Tsuru Iaito Training Sword Katana Unsharpened 27 5/8" Blade Iaito have long been the preferred training tools for safe practice of the many Japanese sword drawing arts typically known as Iaido. While not designed for sword-on-sword contact or actual test cutting, the non-sharp iaito is perfectly weighted and balanced for its designed task of safe and repetitive drawing practice.

Our Nami, Gorin, and Tsuru iaito are a breakthrough in design and functionality. Made of a special stainless steel, they are more durable than iaito made of aluminum alloy. Steel feels more like a live blade and is not prone to wobble when swung. Through a special tempering process these iaito do not have the brittle behavior often associated with stainless steel, but retain it's low maintenance rust resistant qualities.

These affordable iaito are the ideal training tools for safely practicing the ancient art of Iaido.

Unedged steel blade training sword. Blade Length : 28"
  • Black Same w/Black Silk Ito & Sageo
  • Same wrapped Saya(Koiguchi & Kurikata)
  • Silver Menuki, Habaki, Seppa & Shitodome
  • BLADE LENGTH:  28“
    HANDLE LENGTH:   10 1/2”
    OVERALL LENGTH:  39 3/4“
    WEIGHT:  1lb 14oz
    THICKNESS:  .250
Paul Chen Tsuru Iaito. 39 3/4" overall. 27 5/8" unsharpened stainless blade with simulated temper line and blood groove. Black genuine ray skin handle with black silk cord wrap. Crane tsuba, fuchi and kashira. Black lacquer finish wood scabbard.d.