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Columbia River PTS Pelvic Tool & Sharpener 3" Steel with Sharp End - 2851

Part Number: CR2851
Manufacturer: Columbia River (CRKT)


This product is no longer available

PTS™. Russ Kommer designed this multi-tool for field-dressing large animals. It’s a chisel for easy splitting of the pelvic bone seam, and also a diamond-coated sharpener to touch up knives and tips. Pouch included.
Russ designed our PTS™ (Pelvic Tool/Sharpener) because splitting the pelvic bone when dressing larger animals such as White Tail Deer and Alaskan Moose is difficult with a conventional blade, and may cause damage to the knife as well.

The PTS is a high-carbon steel wedge with a chisel edge which will neatly split the cartilage at the pelvic bone seam aided by the tap of a nearby rock. There is no need to pack a hatchet.

In addition, we have coated the PTS with a No. 400 diamond grit, creating a useful field sharpener. Use the flat side to touch up hunting knives. The back side has two grooves designed to sharpen fishhooks and arrow broadheads. The tapered, rounded edges are just right to sharpen serrated knife edges, including conventional serrations and our exclusive Veff™ Serrations.

And in typical CRKT style, we have included a braided leather thong for grip and a handy carry pouch with the PTS.

PTS™ Pelvic Tool/Sharpener

2851: Length: 3.0” (7.6 cm)
Thickness: 0.14” (0.35 cm)
Steel: 3Cr13, 54-56 HRC
Weight: 3.8 oz. (108 g)