Columbia River Ed Van Hoy Biotac, Carry System for Fixed Blade Knives

Part #: CRBIOTAC | Columbia River (CRKT)


This product is no longer available
Columbia River

This lightweight Ed Van Hoy fixed-blade carry system allows maximum flexibility.

The Biotac fixed-blade carry system, designed by noted custom knifemaker and inventor Ed Van Hoy, uses nylon cord and a locking slider to place a knife in almost any inverted carry position desired. It is designed for carry of fixed-blade knives of all sizes which have a positive locking sheath with a detent or snap to securely hold the knife in place, such as those typically made of Zytel or Kydex.

Carry options include 1. Standard carry around the neck, fully adjustable for length; 2. Bio neck carry with underarm retention; 3. Bio neck carry with halter retention; 4. Waist carry, left or right; 5. Under shoulder carry with underarm retention; and 6. Small of back carry with dual shoulder cords.

The system works comfortably with open or concealed carry, and is adjustable to handle small to very large fixed blades. It is simple, lightweight, and inexpensive.

  • Length: To fit 50” (127 cm) chest
  • Cord: Mil-Spec 550 Parachute Cord
  • Weight: 1.0 oz. (28 g)
About the designer:
Ed Van Hoy has been making custom knives since 1975, specializing in folding and fixed blade Damascus designs. His home and studio are in Abingdon, Virginia. Ed is a member of the North Carolina Knifemakers’ Guild and a voting member of the American Knifemakers’ Guild. He received a degree in the art of metal engraving from Montgomery Community College. He has received too many awards to list, including the A.G. Russell Most Innovative Folding Knife, Guild Show 2002; Most High Tech Design–S.I.C.A.C., Paris, France 2002; Most Innovative Knife–Guild Show 2004; Best Fantasy Knife, Ohio Valley Knife Show 2005. For CRKT production knives his awards include: Overall Knife of the Year, Blade Show 2004; Import Knife of the Year, Blade Show 2005; Most Innovative Import Knife of the Year, Blade Show 2007. Ed is designer of recent CRKT award winners, the Snap Lock side-opening folder and the K.I.S.S. Two-Timer, plus the Yea-Go and Biotac.


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