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Cold Steel 91PBS 37" Irish Blackthorn Shillelagh Walking Stick - 91PBSZ

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Part Number: CS91PBS
Manufacturer: Cold Steel Knives
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CS91PBS: Irish Blackthorn PolyPropylene Walking Stick
Cold Steel

The Blackthorn bush is found throughout Ireland and the British Isles. It has been prized for centuries as a material for premium walking sticks. The original Blackthorn sticks were 2 to 4 foot long Irish shillelaghs (the national weapon of rural Ireland). In expert hands the shillelagh was so fearsome that during the final occupation of Ireland, the English outlawed it. To get around the law, the Irish turned the shillelagh into a 3-foot walking stick. The English didn’t want to appear unreasonable by outlawing walking sticks too, so the Irish kept their modified shillelaghs and the world gained a beautiful and functional walking stick known simply as the Blackthorn.

Cold Steel made the effort to obtain and sell authentic Blackthorn sticks over fifteen years ago, but the venture turned out to be disappointing, and not because the sticks didn’t sell well. It was because Blackthorn is difficult to come by and, since it’s grown and not manufactured, it is somewhat inconsistent in quality.

Cold Steel’s recent forays into injected molded polypropylene products has yielded some impressive results and now we have produced a polypropylene Blackthorn that has all of the advantages of real Blackthorn and none of its pitfalls.

Our Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick is inspired by an authentic Blackthorn from Cold Steel President, Lynn C. Thompson’s private collection. It was copied carefully, and then artfully modified to a point where it not only mimics nature, but actually rivals and supersedes anything the natural world could produce! If nature had fashioned the most perfect Blackthorn stick, and you were lucky enough to come by it, our Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick is what it would look like. It’s a superb faux Blackthorn stick, and since it’s injection molded from polypropylene, it will never warp, crack, swell up, or splinter and is easy to maintain with a little soap and water.

  • Weight: 28.2 oz.
  • Head: 2 3/4"
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Overall: 37"
  • Thick: 1" (Base) 1 3/8" (Neck)
3.902 (41 reviews)
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Reidar Chr. L. G
Oslo, Norway
Aug 03, 2016
Thicker than you think
The stick is 50% thicker one way than another. Notice that all the pictures that you will find is from one of the sides not straight on. Also the surface is not as shiny as they seem and way more plasticky than they appear on the pictures. So this is a stick too heavy for walking IMHO, with a surface that do not make me want to hold it. Basically an iron/lead pipe mascerading as a walking stick. It is however beautifully balanced, so using it as a headbasher in a pinch would be no problem
5 out of 5
Bruce S
San Diego, CA
Jul 01, 2016
Pros: Overall Quality, Durability, Materials
Cons: None
Outstanding Stick...
I use this product to aid in my mobility along with as a Self Defense tool, which it meets my requirement for in an outstanding manner. Pro's are: For all intent and purpose this stick is unbreakable, well balanced, and about all anyone who isn't wanting -to whine about it not being an authentic Blackthorn Stick.can ask for. It is a fairly standard length so if you need something else get a stick Custom Made that may well crack or split after a while. Cons are it is not an authentic Blackthorn stick (So What...) Love the stick overall.
4 out of 5
Nov 03, 2015
Pros: Durability, Materials, None
Cons: Finish
good quality
Knowing that it wasn't an original Blackthorn, I wasn't disappointed the way some others were. For the price, it is a good quality and fits well. I use it for walking around the neighborhood and downtown. If the finish could be improved a bit, then it may look more like a real wooden walking stick if that is what someone wants, without spending the money to get one.
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