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Colt Monkey Fist, Woodland Camo - CT3033

Part Number: CT3033
Manufacturer: Colt Knives


This product is no longer available
CT3033: Monkey Fist
The monkey fist is a great variation on the knife lanyard. They are great for quickly getting your hands on your knife. They are also a great way to keep ever-handy paracord on your person at all times. Finally, they can be used as a self-defense tool when a blade is not appropriate.
Measures approximately 6" overall. Woodland camo hand tied nylon cord construction. One end has a small steel ball which is covered with parachute cord. Could be used as a self-defense tool. Cord may be unwound in an emergency situation. Cord may also be used for making snares, shelter binding, fishing line, an all-purpose rope, a bow string, making fire, and much more. Made in China.