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d.light Solar S20 Solar LED Lantern

Part Number: DLS20
Manufacturer: d.light Solar


This product is no longer available
DLS20: S20 Solar LED Lantern
d.light Solar
Light Performance
The d.light S20 provides 8 hours of light on a full battery and uses proprietary, highly efficient LEDs. It provides 360-degree space lighting for any environment or focused light for studying, working, or cooking.

Solar and AC Charging
A highly efficient solar panel is conveniently integrated into the d.light S20 to make solar charging simple and easy. The S20 can also be charged from a USB source using the USB cable or a standard Nokia AC charger.

Product Functionality
The d.light S20 is designed to be extremely user-friendly and flexible. It has a detachable handle and includes an integrated solar panel that makes recharging simple and easy. The S20 can be carried, hung or placed on any surface to effectively illuminate the surrounding area.

Product Benefits
The d.light S20 is designed as a replacement for the kerosene lantern for a rural off-grid household. Its familiar lantern-like shape makes it easy for our customers to use and eliminates the need to purchase kerosene for light.

Made in China.
  • Two brightness settings
    • 4 Hours on High
    • 8 Hours on Medium
  • Free 2-Year Replacement Warranty
  • > 5 Year Lifetime
  • No Battery Replacements Needed
  • Integrated Solar Panel
  • Dual Solar / AC Charging
  • Full Charge from Solar/AC – 8 Hours
  • Battery Charge Level Indicator
  • Glow In the Dark On/Off Button
  • Weather, Dust and Impact Resistant