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Furi Rachael Ray Pro Set of 4 Steak Knives - FUR148

Part Number: FUR148
Manufacturer: Furi Knives and Sharpeners


This product is no longer available
FUR148: Rachael Ray Pro Set of 4 Steak Knives
Rachael Ray from Furi

In fewer than five years, Rachael Ray has radically changed the way America cooks dinner. Her perky-girl-next-door swagger, her catchphrases for techniques, and her dinner ideology of simpler, less expensive and just in time have sold billions of books and placed her at the top of the talent heap of food television personalities.

Furi Rachael Ray 4 Piece Pro Steak Knife Set: Nothing is more hygienic than one seamless piece. With no handle gaps or joins, theres nowhere for germs to hide making Fri Pro one of the easiest knives to keep clean.

Furi Pro is durable because there are no wood, plastic, rivets or separate pieces that can deteriorate over time. The vertical microgrooves and reverse-wedge shape of the Furi Pro handle actively resists your hand slipping forward, even when wet or oily. The handle wedges into the hand, requiring less squeeze to perform repetitive cutting tasks, resulting in less fatigue and hand strain than conventional handles. The cutting edges of Furi Pro knife models are finished to extreme sharpness at the factory by the patented Furi Tech Edge Pro Sharpening System.

  • Blade Length: 5"
  • Cleaning & Care: Handwash Recommended
  • Material Blade: Stainless Steel Alloy
  • Origin: China
  • Size: Set of 4
  • Warranty: Lifetime

UPC Code: 813089011481

Steel Handles
Steel Handles
Stainless Steel knife handles provide strength and durability and look and feel great.