Furi Rachael Ray Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener - FUR626


This product is no longer available
FUR626: Rachael Ray Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener

The original highly successful sharpener/honer all-in-one, Füri® OZITECH™ eliminates the error and guess-work associated with traditional sharpeners. Compact, OZITECH is perfect for the kitchen drawer or chef bag.

The Füri OZITECH Diamond Fingers Sharpener is a simplified, palm-sized version of the Füri TECH EDGE Pro Knife Sharpening System. Simply unfold the unit (following the instructions), then hold down firmly with the palm of the hand. Swipe the knife blade 4-6 times through the fingers for regular maintenance of an edge that is in good condition.

Füri Sharpening Technologies

Patented sharpening and honing systems, developed by engineers for working chefs, but so easy to use that home cooks and fishermen also love them!

The Füri range of sharpeners has expanded rapidly, based on the world-leading technology in our sharpening patents. Füritechnics now has sharpening solutions for every knife user, from heavy industrial/ commercial kitchens to home cooks and outdoor and sporting knife users.

When you use Füri sharpeners, you are not using regular sharpening gadgets – the patented Fingers system sharpens and hones knives to precise bevels, producing professional results very quickly and easily.

The Füri Rachael Ray TECH EDGE Pro Knife Sharpening System was developed by the engineers and chefs at Füritechnics Australia after years of new research into cutting edges and has revolutionized knife sharpening. The System is a big leap forward in knife sharpening technology and has virtually overnight rendered traditional sharpening and honing tools obsolete.
The Füri Rachael Ray TECH EDGE Pro Knife Sharpening System combines three stages of professional knife sharpening into one simple and compact unit.

The first stage TECH EDGE Restorer quickly reshapes worn edges with accurately angled tungsten carbide cutters. The TECH EDGE 'fingers' of Stages 2 and 3 are curved in such a way that the perfect 20° cutting edge angles are always maintained, while producing the correct edge finish. All 3 components click in and out of a sturdy handle that folds flat for easy storage.

The Füri TECH EDGE Pro Knife Sharpening System has been joined by the Füri OZITECH Knife Sharpener, a revolutionary compact sharpener designed for 'grab-and-go' sharpening on the run (fishing, camping, outdoor enthusiasts). Patents are pending on the design which incorporates 8 stainless steel fingers bonded with crushed industrial diamonds, inside a tough folding clam-shell case which doubles as a handle and hand guard when unfolded.


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