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Armaduras Arming Dagger w/Sheath - SA2503

Part Number: FXSA2503
Manufacturer: Armaduras Swords


This product is no longer available
FXSA2503: Arming Dagger w/Sheath

The White Shadow (SA3503) and Black Shadow (SA4503) are hand-and-a-half style Arming Swords whose design dates from the 15th century. The long double-tiered grip provides excellent balance and leverage for one or two-handed use. The grip is leather-covered. The matching Daggers (SA2503 and SA6503 respectively) are handsome pieces in their own right.
440 Stainless Steel blade

Overall Length: 16 3/4"
1lb 4oz
Blade Length: 11 3/4"