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GATCO Ultimate Diamond Knife Sharpening System - 10006

Part Number: GA10006
Manufacturer: Gatco Sharpeners


This product is no longer available
GA10006: Ultimate Diamond Hone Knife Sharpening System
GATCO Sharpeners

GATCO makes it easy for anyone to achieve professional results in sharpening knives, tools and more. GATCO's unique system holds the knife blade secure, while the adjustable sliding guide rod positions the hone to provide consistent precision honing action every time.

The person who demands the highest performance in a sharpening instrument demands diamonds. Diamonds, among the hardest cutting media known, can cut quickly and easily through the hardest steel. These properties provide the discerning customer with a sharpening instrument that will outperform any other type of abrasive media.

A sharpening system sharpens all plain and serrated blades with the highest performance in sharpening instruments. GATCO sharpening hones feature longer, wider stones than competitive models.

GATCO sharpening hones with longer, wider stones than competitive models are ergonomically designed to reduce hand, wrist, and arm fatigue. Safety rails protect finger tips.

  • Longer, wider sharpening hones for more efficient, faster sharpening
  • Large, ergonomic handle to reduce hand, wrist and arm fatigue
  • Integral guide rod slides out for use and in for storage
System Contains
  • Custom case with instructions permanently affixed to the lid
  • Extra screws for clamp
  • Scientifically formulated honing oil
  • GATCO exclusive knife clamp/angle guide with six sharpening angles to assure factory-exact edge including serrated edges
  • Serration, coarse, medium, fine and ultimate finishing hones

UPC Code: 096196100068

Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.