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Grindworx Damascus Steel Convex Barrel Bead, Gold Plated - DA03G

Part Number: GWDA03G
Manufacturer: Grindworx


This product is no longer available
GWDA03G: Damascus Steel Convex Barrel Bead, Gold Plated
The Grindworx damascus steel beads are a great way to accessorize your knife (especially your damascus steel ones) while also adding function. Having a lanyard is an easy way to extract the knife from a pocket or bag and can also be hooked around the pinky or index finder for added security.

Manufacturers Note: Each one of these fine pieces is made by hand and may have unique irregularities or "character". Though they are 24 karat gold plated, they may still be susceptible to rust so clean and maintain each with REM oil or WD-40 to inhibit corrosion.
  • Convex Damascus steel, 24 karat gold plated
  • Each bead is unique due to the material
  • Fits 2 strands of 550 paracord
  • Dimensions: 1/3" x 1/2"
  • Hole Size: 0.18"
  • Material: Gold Plated Damascus
  • Weight: 0.2 oz.
  • Made in Pakistan

UPC Code: 411111021899

Damascus Steel
Damascus Steel
A layered steel that can be either carbon or stainless. The finished blade is acid etched to give it a unique design. Damascus is known for its toughness, and edge holding capabilities.