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Havalon #20 Havel's Carbon Steel Surgical Blades, Box of 100 - NS20

Part Number: HVNS20
Manufacturer: Havalon Knives


This product is no longer available
HVNS20: #20 Havel's Carbon Steel Surgical Blades
Havalon Knives
"Crazy Sharp" Replacement Blades for Your Havalon Pirantas - Most Popular Piranta Blade

Havel's proprietary blend of steel has been the blade of choice for taxidermists for over 25 years. The quality of steel enhances the edge-life and durability of the blade especially for skinning, caping and field dressing big game. These surgically-sharp blades are the sharpest blades you'll ever use!

Each box contains 100 of Havel's longest-lasting surgical blades in size #25. Non-sterile stainless steel, individually foil wrapped for safety. Fits the Piranta Tracer or a #4 or #6 handle.