Camila 5" Moustache Shears w/ Gold Plated Handle - KECS07


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Model KECS07: Camila 3" Gold Plated Scissors
Camila - Solingen, Germany
By 1930, Solingen had become bigger through the incorporation of outlying villages, (including Wald), and the law passed in 1938 to protect the name of Solingen gave it greater pride and security as well as a still greater sense of local identity.
The "Solingen quality" is a minimum requirement for Camila, which is fulfilled by their entire product range. The endeavour to improve on this quality is Camila's most important precept.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
One of the older steel Capitals of the World: Solingen, Germany produces some of the best Kitchen knives and straight razors money can buy.
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4 out of 5
L Hayes
Oct 05, 2013
Pros: Edge Retention, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material
Cons: Overall Quality, None
Great Delivery, Good Functionality, 2 Minor Yet Important Issues
Nothing but great things to say about the online ordering process and delivery: The product arrived well-packaged, in two business days, for a shipping cost of $2.99. Beyond that, I confess up front that this review might be a little on the nit-picky side, in part because these shears were intended to replace another pair of shears that I purchased about 20 years ago, and which appear to be irreplaceable. I chose these shears after searching tirelessly to find another pair of Karina Sulingen 866 shears, as mine have become slightly worn. It appears that these shears are no longer manufactured, so I went with the Camila Solingen shears instead, hoping that they would be identical except for the brand stamp. Although they function well for the grooming of facial hair, they differ from the Karina Sulingen shears in two important ways. First, and most importantly, they are shorter. In the case of the Karina Sulingen shears, with the blades closed, it’s exactly 5” from the tip of the blades to the furthest point of the large finger loop. With the Camila Solingen shears, this measurement is 4 & 7/8”. Measuring from the tip to the furthest point on the small finger loop is 4 & 13/16”. And measuring to the end of the finger rest is 5 & 7/16”. Because of this, I question how the 5” measurement is determined. A difference of only 1/8” might sound negligible, but the feel of the shears is altered by it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have thought to measure. The other issue is cosmetic and doesn’t affect functionality. The flange that bridges the blade to the handle isn’t well ground/polished. I’d need to know more about metal working to explain this further, but the effect is to give a bit of a slaggy appearance. This isn’t super-noticeable, but it nonetheless constitutes a flaw in workmanship. The original Karina Sulingen shears, my basis of comparison, are well ground/polished throughout, and don’t exhibit this feature.
4 out of 5
Serafin Y.
Sep 16, 2011
Pros: Blade Material, Edge Retention, Blade Sharpness, Overall Quality
Cons: Ease of Use, None
Its a nice little shear for trimming, but my big fingers, especially my thumb have trouble fitting in the small holes. Its more fitting for feminine hands.
4 out of 5
Uncle Horn
Rockford, il
Jan 03, 2011
Pros: Blade Material, Edge Retention, Blade Sharpness, Overall Quality
Cons: Ease of Use, None
I like the quality and sharpness of these shears. I use them for trimming face hair. My only complaint is that fingers are to big for the finger holes.
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