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LED Lenser 880101 K1 Keychain-Size LED Flashlight, 16 Lumens, Black

Part Number: LL880101
Manufacturer: LED Lenser


This product is no longer available
LL880101: K1 Keychain-Size LED Flashlight
LED Lenser
This keychain light is the perfect size for your pocket, purse or keys. The K1 LED flashlight has a powerful 16 lumens to get you from the car to the home, office, or errand keeping your trip safe and well lit. A quick twist of the bezel is all you need to turn this little LED flashlight on and off.



It figures that with such a large group of LED lights to choose from there would be a few models that are just all-around great lights. Ones for everything from the kitchen drawer or the camping gear, to the garage or the job site. The LED Lenser lights and headlamps below are ready for darkness, wherever it finds you.


Under the hood or under the frame, space is tight and light is scarce. A compact light with plenty of horsepower is important to see between and beyond all those greasy corners and dusty crevices. Just as important is a good light for the glove box or better yet in the dash. These LED Lenser lights below are perfect for your auto whether you're under it, or inside and on the road.
  • Lumens: 16
  • Beam Distance: 15m
  • Water Resistance: Water Resistant/IPX4 is defined as, water can be splashed against the device from any direction shall have no harmful effects
  • LED: High End LED
  • Battery: 4 x AG3 (1.5V)
  • Length: 1.73 in | 4.4 cm
  • Weight: 0.28 oz / 7.9 g

UPC Code: 847706079325