Lansky Axe & Machete Sharpener - LASH01

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This product is no longer available
LSLASH01: Axe & Machete Sharpener
Lansky Sharpeners
A Lansky exclusive! This unique sharpening tool was designed as a portable axe sharpener for smokejumpers. It is specifically designed to quickly and safely sharpen any tool with a long working edge such as axes, hatchets, machetes, shovels, lawn mower blades and garden tools.

The Lansky Axe & Machete Sharpener is made of cast aluminum featuring a comfort grip for secure handling and built in handguard to keep your hand safely away from the blade while sharpening. The aggressive Tungsten Carbide sharpening head will sharpen even the toughest blades with just a few strokes on either side of the blade.
  • Generously sized comfort grip handle
  • Hand-guard keeps your fingers safely away from the blade when sharpening
  • Tungsten Carbide sharpening head
  • 1. Grip the sharpener with your hand making sure your fingers and thumb are behind the handguard. Place item to be sharpened on a flat, solid surface, cutting edge up. Let about 1" of the blade extend beyond the edge of the surface as in figure 1. Hold the blade steady with one hand as you begin to sharpen with the other.
  • 2. Position tungsten carbide head of the Axe & Machete Sharpener on the edge of the blade as shown in figure 2. Use a 20º-25º angle to achieve an extremely sharp edge on a machete. For a more durable edge on a machete, or for axes, hatchets, shovels etc., use a 25º-30º angle. 
  • 3. Using moderate pressure push the sharpener away from you along the blade as seen in figure 1. You can use the sharpener right or left handed, and you can position the sharpener above or below the blade as in figure 1. Repeat the process 3 - 4 times on either side of the blade until the blade is sharpened. Do not use excessive force or over sharpen.

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