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T.O.P. Trans-4-Mer 4-Filter Combo Unit for Use with 6V Xenon Flashlights - L6T4M

Part Number: LXL6T4M
Manufacturer: T.O.P. Gear


This product is no longer available
T.O.P.® describes this item as follows:

T.O.P.'s Trans-4-Mer is a tactical-grade filter pack that provides four heavy-duty commonly required filters* in a compact, convenient, and robust pack, which easily slips onto the bezels of T.O.P. 6-Volt Xenon Flashlights. It secures to the bezel by 2 set-screws. To access a filter, grasp the corners away from the hinge, gently pull UP to release filter, flip it over the lens, and snap it onto the catch. Reverse procedure to re-set filter on the pack.*The infrared filter is rated at 900 nanometers to suppress the non-infrared portion of the light spectrum for tactical use with night vision equipment and devices.