Messermeister San Moritz Elite 12" Kullenschliff Flexible Fillet Knife with Wooden Box - E/2619-12KWB

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MM261912KWB: San Moritz Elite 12" Kullenschliff Flexible Fillet Knife with Wooden Box
The long, narrow, extremely flexible Messermeister San Moritz Elite 12" Kullenschliff Flexible Fillet Knife blade is used to place cuts extremely close to a spine, bone or other hard surfaces. The alternating kullenschliffs (a.k.a. kullens, hollows or grantons) on each side of the knife reduce drag and prevent items from sticking to the blade and is presented in an elegant wooden box.

Manufacturer SKU: E/2619-12KWB.

Made in Solingen, Germany

Messermeister is the premier brand of authentic German knives that still utilizes the original hot drop hammer forged manufacturing process. Each knife is handcrafted from the finest quality carbon steel alloy and industrial strength handle components.

Messermeister is one of our favorite knife brands and they are noted for having some of the highest standards in the industry. Founder Bernd Dressler was a true innovator and traveled the country seeking the advice of chefs, retailers, and industry professionals. Among his innovations was the first bolsterless heel and the first truly full cambered wide blade chef’s knives. He also created a sharper edge by making sure all the forged knives were ground, reground, and finished with a true polished bevel. He paid meticulous attention to detail and made sure each knife was crafted by devoted Solingen artisans, using only the finest available industrial quality components.
  • One piece, fully forged
  • Hand-polished "Elite" edge
  • Bolsterless edge
  • Cambered chef's knife blade
  • Extra-wide chef's knife blade
  • Ergonomic balance
  • Molded "POM" handle
  • Polished spine
  • Granton edge
  • Also available without the box
  • It is used to fillet fish, shave dried cured meats or carve watermelons.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
One of the older steel Capitals of the World: Solingen, Germany produces some of the best Kitchen knives and straight razors money can buy.
Zytel Handles
Zytel Handles
A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.


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