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Monadnock AutoLock 18" Expandable Baton, Power Safety Tip, Super Grip, Black Chrome - 9172


Part #: MO9172 | Monadnock
MO9172: AutoLock 18" Expandable Baton
The 18" AutoLock expandable baton was developed through cutting-edge engineering and is made from 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing. With its ball bearing action and locking mechanism this baton is easy to expand, and when it's time to close, just push the button in the end cap. No need to look for a hard surface to collapse the baton. Power Safety Tip improves kinetic energy transfer. Super Grip and rotating shafts help maintain control of the baton during a struggle. Black Chrome finish. Made in USA.

UPC Code: 792298009529

Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
Monadnock AutoLock 18" Expandable Baton, Power Safety Tip, Super Grip, Black Chrome5.000 (2 reviews)
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Monadnock AutoLock 18" Expandable Baton, Power Safety Tip, Super Grip, Black Chrome
5 out of 5
Patrick L
Fort Ann, NY
Feb 02, 2017
Pros: Weight, Balance, Construction, Materials
Cons: None
Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. Quality made.
.Self defense..Concealable. Locks when extended, super grip, safety tip.. As retired law enforcement, I am familiar with the product.
Monadnock AutoLock 18" Expandable Baton, Power Safety Tip, Super Grip, Black Chrome
5 out of 5
Mar 01, 2014
Pros: Weight, Balance, Construction, Materials
Cons: None
"Gentlemen, the King!"
Excellent example of autolock mechanism on baton market. Has only one decent competitor - ASP Talon 16''.

- build quality is high, like it a lot
- smallest baton out of 21, 22, 26'' variants, you can still wear it in the pocket, but 22cm long handle is a border between "too long" and "acceptable length" for urban civilian self-defence
- black chrome finish is nice; in terms of quality it is somewhere equal to cerakote coating, does not suffer from scratches after regular usage
- PST - power safety tip - is definitely a winning option over other baton brands, if you want to protect yourself w/o injuring severely the opponent
- Super Grip - delivers confident, non-irritating grip, very happy about it, nothing to comment more
- ball-bearing mechanism intimidates any friction-lock baton
- build quality is high, though baton section are shaky a little bit (verified on 18'' and 26'' Monadnock autolock batons)

Cons are not serious:
- PST increases length of the handle. If I could hide it inside of the handle, that would be a great option
- baton sections are a little bit shaky (but do not worry about that much, it happens in acceptable limits)

Bottom line: I own Monadnock Autolock 18'' and ASP Talon 16''. I cannot say which one is better, so I switch them periodically. I will not sell any of them for sure.

Humble advice to interested buyers:
- airweight batons come at the expense of build materials, they feature aluminium middle section, which may bend after strike and destroy locking mechanism, plus deliver less power output - that is why I value classic materials in expandable batons
- 21,22,26'' batons have no concealing options, obvious to people around, heavy, do not match any handbag or pocket, slow to operate and risky; you can still buy them, if you are specially trained or it is a part of your police/military everyday service
- 16'' and 18'' batons are optimal for any male civilian in a vast limits of physical condition, smaller batons deliver less power, cut the distance between you and opponent
- pay attention to your local laws, despite the fact that you can wear expandable baton, it may happen, that only licensed "gun shops" can import them, check your local weapon laws first


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